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Does your child suffer from psycho-physical disorders – sensory integration disorders, autism, ADHD, neurosis or depression? Do you want your little one to rid of sleep problems and enjoy a good wellbeing on the next day? If this is accompanied by your high expectations towards quality and esthetics of products bought for your child, you are in the perfect place.

SENSO-REX™ products support therapies for psychomotor disorders as well as delight with their sophisticated design. Instead of utility values, children (which is understood) focus more on the beautiful appearance of things that surround them. A special role in their lives is played by fairytale and film heroes whom they afterwards seek in everyday life and try to be as close to them as possible.

Our designers took up the challenge and, with focus on the taste of the youngest users of blankets and other weighted products, seek for the “coolest”, candy-like and dream patterns that decorate the fabrics. Furthermore, they do not hesitate to use even the most expensive ones – protected by copyright.

We pay attention on the coloring of both weighted blankets and bedclothes as well as pillows, weighted vests and collars. The first one ought to enamor but not distract before sleeping. The second ought to be compliant with current, applicable child fashion trends. Their cut and appearance need to complement and decorate clothes instead of being a simple therapeutic equipment separated from the rest. In case of weighted blankets, we provide the possibility to adjust pillows and other elements of bedding. This fact should please all parents that focus on a refined look of their child’s bedroom.

Due to the fact that children intensively use such types of products, the durability to wear off and frequent wash resistance is especially in the need. Products from SENSO-REX™ brand are developed in accordance with technology imported from the United States which ensures thorough finishing of all weighted blankets and garments as well as guarantee their unique durability.

In order to provide comfort for both children and parents, we propose enlarged weighted blankets and enlarged weighted vests. Therefore, your child, once becoming accustomed to the vest or duvet decorated with favorite motif, do not need to part with them. Enlarged weighted blankets and vests is a great cost saving for parents who no longer need to change them each time the child grows a bit.

Both blankets and bedclothes as well as weighted vests and collars SENSO-REX™ are made from natural, airy and hypo-allergic fabrics that do not induce excessive perspiration and, most of all, are pleasant to the touch.

Weighted blankets SENSO-REX™ can be washed manually or dry cleaned. Due to their weight, it is recommended to dry them in horizontal position in order to prevent the duvet from deforming. Bedclothes, elements of child’s clothing and other weighted products can be washed manually or within a washing machine (in accordance with instruction from manufacturer for specific products).

NOTE: Weighted blankets are especially recommended to persons with psycho-physical and neurotic disorders including autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, sensory integration disorders, Restless Legs Syndrome, anxiety neurosis, obsessive-compulsive disorders and depression.

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