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Bed linen 

The weighted blanket must be adapted to the dimensions of its user. The blanket weighs 10% to 15% of the body weight and its length exceeds the height of the user by 20 cm. Therefore, there are many different sizes of blankets. They require bed linen of non-standard sizes. Such linen is offered by the SENSO-REX™ brand.

SENSO-REX™ bed linens are made of the best, high quality materials. Their colours and patterns create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom. To meet clients' expectations, our designers seek out fabrics of the most fashionable design. All this is done so that a therapeutic blanket is not only medical aid, but that its appearance encourages to use it. In other words, so that it decorates the room where it is spread and improve the mood of the person lying under it.

The spectrum of colours and range of designs to choose from is vast. The assortment starts with romantic, floral designs and pastel colours and goes through geometric, tropical or three-dimensional patterns to quite bold designs using robust colours, including black, navy blue and red. Drawing and photography fans can also choose prints with figures from pop culture, comic books, films, etc.

SENSO-REX™ blankets, pillows and bed linens are made of materials which do not induce allergies or irritation, are loose and do not cause excessive perspiration or other conditions. The texture of the fabric is selected according to the user's preferences: it can be smooth, velvety, rough, etc. Bed linens are fastened with aesthetic and delicate zippers.

What is also worth mentioning is very careful finishing of SENSO-REX™ products. Every detail matters and no thread or stitching cannot run randomly. The entire production of bed linens and blankets is based on an American technology which guarantees durability and long life of products.

The most popular sizes of blanket cases are as follows:

  • 60 x 100,
  • 60 x 120,
  • 100 x 150,
  • 120 x 200,
  • 140 x 200,
  • 150 x 200,
  • 160 x 200,
  • 180 x 200,
  • 200 x 220.

The most popular sizes of pillowcases are as follows:

  • 40 x 40,
  • 50 x 60,
  • 50 x 70,
  • 60 x 70,
  • 70 x 80.

SENSO-REX™ bed linenscan be washed by hand and in a washing machine.Recommended water temperature is 30°C. Maximum whirl revolutions – 800 revolutions.

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