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A wide spectrum of sizes is one of many advantages of SENSO-REX™ pillows – pillows that complement the set made of the weighted blanket and bed linens. In such a way the person using the blanket for therapeutic reasons can also enjoy well thought-out and effective appearance of their bedroom.

Selection of bed linen for a sensory blanket is quite a difficult task. The reason is the non-standard size of those covers as weighted blankets are fit for the height of the user. The SENSO-REX™ brand decided to go a step further and provide pillows in non-standard sizes as well. It is frequently a case that larger or smaller, flat or more stuffed pillows are not a choice but a necessity due to numerous diseases.

Another feature of sensory pillows is the possibility to select the covering fabric. This variant is especially significant for people hypersensitive to touch or not tolerating some textures or material types. SENSO-REX™ pillows are in 100 percent fit for the preferences of their users.

Apart from sensory experiences to be provided by pillows, huge weight is put on the quality and impact of used materials on health and careful workmanship.

Fabrics and fillers of SENSO-REX™ pillows are natural, non-allergic, they do not cause irritation or profuse sweating. They are best quality materials, which are very durable at the same time. Long life of the pillows is also provided by a special process of production based on American technology. Use of solutions from the United States makes it possible to create products refined in every detail and solidly finished.

SENSO-REX™ designers pay special attention to the appearance of the pillows as well. Fabrics used are so effective that you do not have to cover them with a coat. Both the colours and decorative patterns of the pillows follow the current trends in the interior decor industry. In addition, clients can count on such sophisticated patterns as prints covered by copyrights.

Every client may have different preferences. Therefore, SENSO-REX™ offers any size of pillows. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • 40cm x 40cm,
  • 50cm x 60cm,
  • 50cm x 70cm,
  • 60cm x 70cm,
  • 70cm x 80cm.

The SENSO-REX™ brand guarantees comfortable and healthy sleep to anyone who requires above-average quality and care of their health. We are adapting each parameter of our products to your wishes.

SENSO-REX™ pillows can be dry-cleaned and washed by hand and even in a washing machine. Recommended water temperature is 30°C. The whirl option is to be set to 800 revolutions.

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