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Weighted vests 

Weighted vests are used as a very efficient supplement to therapy of children with psychomotor disorders, e.g. with autism, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, Down syndrome, etc. They are also helpful in neurotic disorders. Thanks to them, children find it easier to focus, concentrate, unwind and function e.g. in crisis. Children using weighted waistcoats function during the day better. They have an impact on the proprioceptive system, toning stimulus perception.

Apart from therapeutic properties, SENSO-REX™ weighted waistcoats for children are also aesthetic. They are designed by a team of designers. They are in charge not only of the design, but also of the selection of fabrics of the highest quality. Simultaneously, they see to the waistcoats being cut and made in accordance with requirements set by therapists.

Materials used for the production of SENSO-REX™ vests for children are selected so that children accept their feel and the waistcoats do not induce allergies, be loose and do not cause excessive sweating. Fabrics used to make weighted waistcoats cannot be flexible or prone to stretching as it could change the distribution of weighing material inside the product.

Care for the quality of weighted vests also means the use of special production technology brought to Poland from the United States. Thanks to this waistcoats are extremely durable and precisely finished.

SENSO-REX TM designers select fabrics which meet children's visual preferences. The most popular among children are patterns and colours referring to characters in well-known cartoons and films. Many of those motifs are covered by copyrights. Other fabrics used in production of weighted waistcoats for children are materials of mellow and elegant pattern or fabrics with sports- or army-related decorations. Thanks to this, the child can wear a waistcoat that matches its own needs and preferences.

The weighted waistcoat is worn during the day, but you have to see to the child taking breaks in wearing it. The total time of wearing the waistcoat should not exceed 2 – 3 hours per day. It is worn for ca. half an hour followed by ca. 2 hours of break.

The weighted vest exerts pressure on muscles, joints and ligaments, stimulating the proprioceptive system, which is responsible for sensation of joint bending, muscle working, body situation, etc. This effect helps calming down, feel better body organisation and focus on the tasks.

Weighted vests can be hand-washed as well as washed in a washing machine and given to chemical laundry.

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