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Soothing snakes 

The weighted collars for children provide effective support for treatment of various types of psychomotor disturbances, including ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, Down syndrome, autism, neurosis or depression. Due to its small size, the collar can be easily carried in a bag or backpack and worn in case of loss of concentration or a crisis caused by change of everyday rituals, trip, visit in places full of strangers.

Weighted collars for children SENSO-REX™ help in therapy of psychomotor disturbances, but they are also very decorative products. The decision regarding selectin and design of the collars is made by designers who are very sensitive in terms of tastes and requirements of our youngest clients.

Children with psychomotor disturbances often suffer from touch hypersensitivity, therefore the materials used for manufacture of weighted products must be delicate and nice in touch. In case of weighted collars, selection of fabrics is even more difficult as the neck, in the region of which the collar is placed, is particularly sensitive to touch.

SENSO-REX™ employs the production technology imported from the USA.Due to this finishing and material sewing, they are very precise and brought to perfection. This results also in decrease of risk of abrasions and irritation of the neck skin.

It must be emphasised that the SENSO-REX™weighted collars look amazing. These are not products that suggest their medical application, but are a supplementation and decoration for the rest of your apparel. Depending on the requirements, the collars can be a plain toned part of clothing as well as an exceptionally elegant accessory, e.g. collars for the first communion, school ceremonies, etc.

The weighted blankets for children can also have the form of animals or cartoon characters. The youngest children, in particular, appreciate such close and, at the same time, nice in touch "friends".

The collar delicately presses the neck muscles, causing the sense of relaxation. Wearing the collar is also an ideal method to improve concentration and body organisation. The weighted collar can be worn on the neck or folded on the lap (a'la laptop). It proves itself very well during trips by public transport, family and school ceremonies and during classes requiring concentration (e.g. doing homework).

The weighted collars have sizes adjusted to the child's weight and height. Similarly to weighted blankets, the collars are quilted. The stitching prevents dislocation of the weight material inside the product.

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