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Bed linen 

The SENSO-REX™bed linens are exceptional products in terms of appearance and intended application. Due to the possibility to match the bed linen sizes to the sizes of the sensory duvet, children sleeping under weight can enjoy sweet dreams in an elegant surrounding.

For the weighted blankets to fulfil their therapeutic function, they must be adjusted to the height and weight of the children using them. Due to this fact, selection of the casing for the duvet is a quite difficult task for the parents. SENSO-REX™ has found the best solution for parents of aesthetes and produces weighted blankets for children as well as pillows and bed linens that match one another perfectly.

The appearance of the SENSO-REX™ bed linens is so exceptional due to the top quality fabrics with unique designs. Their candy colours encourage the children to stay in bed, but they are not excessively intensive, therefore they do not stimulate the children to play. The appearance of duvets in such a casing allows the children to sleep comfortably and guarantees only sweet dreams.

The designs decorating the fabrics are children's favourite motifs from popular cartoons - heroes, animals, monsters, i.e. everything our children find exciting. For older children, we propose more youth-like designs, decorated with such motifs as sports, geometric patterns, well-known pop-culture figures, etc. The colours of bed linens for older children have completely different tones. Instead of powder pink, sweet green, light blue and yellow, we propose grey, red, navy blue, white and even black colour.

In the production process of duvets, pillows and bed linens, we pay attention to their health promoting properties, therefore the material types and dyes cannot be harmful to children, irritate their skin or cause allergic reactions.

The bed linens are made of natural airy fabrics that do not cause allergy. The fastening are zippers, delicate in appearance and touch. All details are carefully finished and the American technology on which the production of bed linens, duvets and pillows of SENSO-REX™ is based guarantees long service of life of these products.

All SENSO-REXbed linens are suitable for washing machine and hand washing. Recommended water temperature is 30°C. Maximum whirl revolutions – 800 revolutions.

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