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In addition to the weighted blanket and bed linen, the SENSO-REX™pillows are a complementary element of the children's bed linens. Similarly to sensory duvets, they are produced in many more sizes than usual in commerce. This allows the pillows to meet the needs of any child.

Creation of a bed linen set in case of sensory duvets is not an easy task. The sizes of the duvet are not standard as they have to be adjusted to the weight and height of the child using it. Therefore, matching the bed linen that will secure the duvet against soiling can be troublesome. And what about the pillow?

Although a pillow can be bought in any ship, it is necessary to bear in mind the particular sensitivity of children using weighted blankets. Very often, these children are sensitive to touch,do not tolerate certain fabric textures, have very sensitive heating, etc. Generally available pillows could be irritating for children. Meanwhile, the SENSO-REX TM are adjusted to the requirements and sensory capabilities of children.

The SENSO-REX™ pillows, similarly to weighted blankets and bed linens, are produced with great care given to details. This means careful selection of filling materials and fabrics for pillow casings in relation to the requirements set by the child and limitations imposed by the touch and hearing zone.

Children enjoy the appearance of the fabrics used in production of pillows SEONSO-REX™. They are exceptionally colourful, but not excessively stimulating, and decorated with motifs from popular cartoons and movies. So many of these characters will not your children sleep. But now, thanks to the designs of SENSO-REX™, your children can meet their favourite characters every evening. For the most demanding children, we propose less available fabrics with designs covered with copyrights.

All materials meet top quality standards. They must be anti-allergic and natural. The technology from the USA applied in production of the pillows ensures high durability of the product and extremely good finishing of the details.

The most popular sizes of pillows are:

  • 40 x 40,
  • 50 x 60,
  • 50 x 70,
  • 60 x 70,
  • 70 x 80.

Due to such a broad range of sizes, both the youngest infants as well as older youth can use sleeping products of top quality, guaranteed by the brand SENSO-REX™.

SENSO-REX™ pillows can be dry-cleaned and washed by hand and even in a washing machine. Recommended water temperature is 30°C. The whirl option must be set to 800 revolutions.

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