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About us

Team Senso-REX™

We make a good team that works both with and for the children on an everyday basis.

Thanks to a combination of our long-term experience and technology imported from the United States, we created a unique brand of therapeutic products.

What distinguishes our company:

  • thoroughness
  • punctuality
  • passion


senso-rex team

Products are manufactured under specialists’ supervision

In our company, we work with children who suffer from disabilities and sensory impairments. Senso-REX™ medical articles have been adjusted to:

  • the newest scientific publications
  • know-how and experience of our specialists
  • sensory diet


I use my Senso-REX weighted blanket every day. I noticed that I am less nervous and sleep much etter. This is of utmost importance for me. I was enamored with the details and finishing of the blanket. Thus, I highly recommend buying this company’s products.

Thank you for the express delivery. The timeframe met both the description and my expectations. I will recommend your company to others.