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A real farmer pillow for children who love the countryside! View larger

Functional panda-patterned pillow will be perfect for your child!

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Pastel
Gender Unisex
Weight 1 kg

Is there anything more adorable than smiling pandas? Of course there is! Smiling pandas on a peaceful green background. Such pattern will surely encourage a young person to lay down, relax and fall asleep. The pandas’ smiles will accompany the child through all dream adventures!

This pillow is finished with focus on the smallest details and constitutes a highly functional element of your little one’s bedroom design. In order to ensure safety of our little customers, we select only the best materials: silicone beads and down from special geese. Bar-headed geese are kept is specific and fully ecological farms. The combination of down and plumage (perfect proportion 50:50) constitute a soft and natural filling that influences the quality of the child’s sleep and rest. All materials found in the pillow can be safely used by persons with allergies. In order to ensure their comfort and functionality, we prepared three sizes of our pillows: 40x40cm, 50x60cm and 70x80cm.

Fluffy and joyful pandas will surely cater to the taste of little sleep enthusiasts who will be willing to go to bed to fall asleep on their new, comfortable and most favorite pillow.

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