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Functional panda-patterned pillow will be perfect for your child! View larger

Football-patterned pillow for active children full of passion!

New product

12,19 €

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Classic
Gender For Boy
Weight 1 kg

This pillow is dedicated to little fans of football thrills, sport games and famous players! The fresh and intensive green color of a football field combined with a black and white motif of a soccer ball will surely cater to the taste of children who love football. Thanks to its characteristic appearance, the pillow will serve well as a interior design element of your little sportsman’s room as well as a perfect gift for your friends’ child.

The pillow will be also highly appreciated by parents who will recognize the quality of finishing and selection of materials. Our pillows are made out of OEKO-TEX 100 certified cotton. Thus, our products are fully safe for children with allergies – we select materials that are natural, also for the pillow’s filling. Our offer includes two types of filling: silicone beads and bar-headed goose down. In case of the latter, the pillow is filled with an equal combination of down and plumage of geese that are kept in optimal conditions at ecological farms. The surface of the pillow and its filling constitute fully natural materials that are safe for little ones with allergies. With focus on the needs of our youngest customers, we prepared three sizes of our pillows so that they can adjusted to the child’s bed or the bedroom’s interior design. Currently, our offer includes three sizes: 40x40cm, 50x60cm

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