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Pillow with geometrical owls is a real hit for a child’s bed. View larger

Pillow with geometrical owls is a real hit for a child’s bed.

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Scandinavian
Gender For Boy
Weight 1 kg

Owls’ large and watchful eyes, small beaks and an appropriate mix of colors make children love our owl-patterned pillows. Combination of four colors: white, black, gray and sky blue perfectly calm down during the evening and help fall asleep peacefully. Furthermore, the colors perfectly fit into other elements of our child’s bed sheets.

Our pillows are produced solely out of natural materials – all this thanks to our focus on the comfort of children who will enjoy the softness and convenience of our pillows. The cotton we used was recognized with OEKO- TEX 100 certificate. Nonetheless, the filling is left for the customers’ choice. Our offer includes silicone beads and bar-headed goose down. The latter is especially worth noticing. The geese are kept in ecological conditions in the Bieszczady mountains. Thus, the down (in particular – combination of down and plumage in an equal proportion) is light, highly comfortable and ensures peaceful sleep. The abovementioned cotton and both filling options are safe for persons with allergies. Thus, there are no precautions for children to use our pillows. In order to provide children with maximum comfort, parents who decide to buy our product can choose from three different, comfortable and functional sizes: 40x40cm, 50x60cm.

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