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Unicorn pillow

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Classic
Gender For Girl
Filling Silicone balls
Weight 1 kg

Pillow filled with silicone balls is a unique product from SENSO-REXTM. It has anti-allergic properties and its interior always returns to its primary shape after each deformation.

The pillow can serve as an addition to sets consisting of weighted blanket and bedding. Unlike standard pillows, it is available is numerous and different sizes. Similarly to weighted blankets, it is distinguished by its thorough execution, high-quality fabrics and fashionable design.

Fabrics and filling material ought to comply with the highest quality requirements. They do not aggravate allergies, do not induce perspiration or cause any discomfort of use. All articles from SENSO-REXTM are manufactured with focus on the needs of persons who use weighted blankets, inter alia, persons with touch hypersensitivity.

Pillows SENSO-REXTM are produced in accordance with technology imported from the United States. Therefore, they are distinguished by both high quality of execution and durability.

Pillows are also attractive due to their unique look. They encourage to rest thanks to their extraordinary colors and interesting patterns. To both adults and children, SENSO-REXTM offers interesting projects, attractive and unique themes that decorate the pillows as well as interesting finishing. All this for the purpose of ensuring the highest comfort of sleep.

The most popular pillow-case sizes include:

40 x 40,

50 x 60,

50 x 70,

60 x 70,

70 x 80.

Pillows SENSO-REXTM can be washed in a washing machine or hand washed. Recommended water temperature is 30oC. Maximum spin speed – 800.

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