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Insomnia is an organ dysfunction that can manifest itself in many ways. One is the problem of falling asleep, the other - frequent awake during sleep, and another - for waking up early.

Do I suffer from insomnia?

To answer this question, you need to know what are the parameters of healthy sleep. Quality assessment of sleep is not just a matter of subjective feelings, and some information about its quality can be self-collected by observing the reactions of one's own body.

Falling asleep should not take more than half an hour, so if it takes 45 minutes and longer it may be a symptom of insomnia.

Repeated awakening at night is natural, but can be associated with insomnia if sleep breaks are too much (eg, a dozen) when waking and further falling asleep is felt and a nuisance for the sleeping person.

Too early to wake up without being able to sleep again can also be assessed. Although there are different individual needs for sleep duration, it is considered that sleep should not last less than 6 hours. The ultimate measure of the length of sleep is the well-being after waking up. Apathy, fatigue, fatigue just after a night of rest means poor quality sleep.

Observations of your own sleep should be carried out for quite some time. In medicine, sleeplessness is defined as a sleep disorder that repeats at least 3 times a week, which does not disappear after a month.

Why does insomnia appear?

The cause of insomnia can be many. Periodically, it can occur as a result of stress. Usually, however, this is a disorder coexisting with neurosis, depression, schizophrenia, pain, allergy, digestive disorders, thyroid disease, respiratory disease, cardiovascular or urinary system disorders, and central nervous system damage. Bad sleep quality is often a concern for people with sensory integration disorders including ADHD, autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Rett syndrome, Tourette's syndrome, etc. Insomnia can also be caused by the intake of psychoactive substances such as caffeine, alcohol, or drugs.

How to treat insomnia?

In severe states of sleep disorder, it may be necessary to have a pharmacological treatment. Various therapies can be helpful, such as biofeedback, relaxation techniques, use of load comforter. In each case, it is important to maintain a regular sleep pattern, to prepare the sleeping area by airing, to provide adequate air temperature (about 18 ° C), adequate humidity, separation from light (especially blue, emitted by computers and televisions) and noise.

  • Why do we need sleep? What happens while we sleep – hour after hour

    Why do we need sleep? What happens while we sleep – hour after hour

    Human body is a state-of-the-art machine. Each hour taken from you contributes to exacerbated mood and reduced potential of energy, creativity and empathy on the following day. What happens to your body and mind when you fall asleep? Changes take place hour after hour.

  • How to tell that you get not enough sleep?

    How to tell that you get not enough sleep?

    When you get not enough sleep, your body starts sending specific warning signals. The most common signals are dark circles and red eyes. However, these are not the only consequences of insufficient sleep. See how your body compensates lack of sleep and how to tell that you need to rest for a bit longer.

  • Insomnia during travel – 3 objects that might help you enjoy sufficient sleep

    Insomnia during travel – 3 objects that might help you enjoy sufficient sleep

    Clothes, documents, cosmetics, medicine…all packed? While awaiting your trip, you check out subsequent positions from your list that you named with a working title “Take with you to survive”. What about sleep? Is there anything that might help you get enough sleep during travel? Would you risk of being replaced with a half-dead creature that will “somehow” survive your business meeting or “somehow” endure your vacation? Not worth it. See here for yourself how to overcome insomnia. 

  • Insomnia during full moon – Moon’s influence on sleep

    Insomnia during full moon – Moon’s influence on sleep

    Our ancestors were perfectly aware of this in the past. They claimed that the full moon activates demons, vampires and dark powers. Moon within this lunar phase can cause irritation, nervousness, aggression and anxiety; enhance mental illnesses; stimulate sexual energy and increase fertility.   While it had been deemed in the past either as a mere hypothesis, invention of older generations or an scientific assumption, it was confirmed four years ago by scientists from the University of Basel,...

  • Weighted Blanket for senior - a healthy sleep without sleeping pills.

    Weighted Blanket for senior - a healthy sleep without sleeping pills.

    I did not sleep the whole night because I was nervous about my visit to the doctor today - Margaret confides - I do not know why, but I have been ill for a long time. On the face of the woman you see fatigue and nervousness. Margaret can improve her dream of pharmaceuticals, but she can also use a therapist's comfort of Weighted Blanket.

  • Let yourself to relax

    Let yourself to relax

    How to turn off the thoughts and completely loosen the muscles? Those who do not have serious health and life problems apply their head to the pillow and it is enough for the body to relax and start the regeneration process itself. After a suitable dose of sleep such people wake up refreshed and ready to take up new challenges. In the case of both physical and mental illness (including apathy, neurosis anxiety, depression), or in the case of negative emotions of experiencing or arousal of...

  • Positive Effects of a Weighted Blanket on Insomnia

    Positive Effects of a Weighted Blanket on Insomnia

    Positive Effects of a Weighted Blanket on Insomnia Please click here to read more

  • How does weighted blanket work?

    How does weighted blanket work?

    The weighted blanket stimulates proprioception - one of the senses responsible for feeling and moving your body. The long-term work of therapists using weighted blanket has shown that the pressure of this type of comforter on the body significantly improves self-organization, that is, control over one's own body and mind. During the rest phase, while the blanket brings relaxation, faster mute and fall asleep, and provides a dream of better quality.

  • Who could benefit from a weighted blanket?

    Who could benefit from a weighted blanket?

    What is a weighted blanket? A weighted blanket (also known as sensory blanket) is distinguished from other covers mainly by its weight. Such blankets are filled with special weights. In case of Senso-rexTM blankets, the filling consists of anti-allergic, glass micro-beads. This weight is evenly distributed throughout the whole surface of the blanket and plays an important role during weighted blanket therapies.

  • The weighted blanket - a luxury of a healthy sleep

    The weighted blanket - a luxury of a healthy sleep

    When a child is having difficulty relaxing his or her body, quieting his or her thoughts and falling asleep, the sensual cushion covers them, bringing relief and sense of security. When an adult can not sleep squeezed by the burden of daily duties - the blanket acts as the best masseur. Soothing thoughts and shaken nerves, letting you fall asleep and work better in the day. Her work is appreciated by therapists, parents, and especially those who need it.

  • How to fall asleep and sleep baby

    How to fall asleep and sleep baby

    The peaceful sleep of a child is a precious treasure for the whole family. Parents use the rest of the consolation to regenerate their own strength, while for children the dream is a real life elixir.

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