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Sensory toy – Stork

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Sensory toy – Stork builds its nest in rooms of children who love cuddly toys. It develops the child’s imagination, learns how to be caring and good towards animals. Most of all, it is good for hugging, pulling and petting.

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Stork – sensory toy

Stork’s very long and red legs as well as its beak are weighted, therefore they suitable for putting the toy on the back of the neck, place it on the back or the tummy, as well as carry and pull it. Stork allows the child to experience different weights of particular elements and, at the same time, brings joy thanks to contrast colors. Furthermore, it is highly pleasant to the touch. The toy is made out of fabrics with different textures – some resemble feathers, others are smooth but also equally pleasant and warm.

Stork develops the child’s imagination and is a perfect teacher of sympathy towards animals (and not only those that are close to children – such as household and fur-bearing pets).


Why is it worth buying sensory toys for the child?

Sensory toys are developed in order to fully stimulate the child’s senses of:

  • sight,
  • touch,
  • proprioception,
  • hearing,
  • balance, etc.

Toys such as Stork encourage the child to move – roll around, crawl, hug the cuddly toy, toss and catch it, jump over it etc.

Sensory toys are most often simple in their form. Therefore, they develop the child’s imagination as well as motivate it to create its own world and implement ideas.

At the same time, sensory cuddly toys still fulfill their primary role – they have a positive influence on the little one’s emotions, relax the child and help the little one calm down.


  • Sensory toy – Stork is a perfect companion for little and older children,
  • Stork stimulates the child’s sense of touch, proprioception and sense of sight
  • It is made out of fabric that is pleasant to the touch (polar),
  • Size of Stork 75cmx 45cm
  • Stork can become part of the child’s collection of sensory toys, among the dinosaur and Rex weighted collar.

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