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Weighted collar pastel elephant pattern

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Weigted collar in 4 sizes. An effective support during sensory integration therapies. Improves concentration and helps to endure difficult situations.

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Compositions Cotton + Minky
Styles Pastel
Gender Unisex
Filling Glass micro-spheres

Weighted collar is an excellent method for improving concentration that also comprises a handy first aid during difficult situations with children and adults with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Down syndrome and other psychophysical disorders.

Extremely effective, thoroughly knitted and finished with utmost care, weighted collars SENSO-REXTM are made so that, besides therapeutic functions, they can also serve as a fashionable addition to clothes. All this is possible thanks to design compliant with latest trends and selection of high quality fabrics. Proposals dedicated to children beam with candy-like colors and decorative themes referring to characters from the most popular cartoons and fairy-tales. Older children will find something catering their taste here as well. Boys remain in favor of jeans, camouflage and khaki colors. Girls on the other hand can select from flowers, pastels, animal themes as well as navy and tropical themes and many more.

The sensory collar can be worn on one’s shoulders – in such cases it gently presses the neck muscles and lowers the tension within. The collar can be also worn on thighs and forearms. It is an ideal solution for a trip as it perfectly fits into woman’s purse and thus can be easily transported and kept in different places.

Sensory collars are available in sizes S, M, L, XL. Weight of each size has been appropriately

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