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Weighted blanket with a sky blue checker

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Custom-made medical device

Weighted blanket filled with glass micro-spheres, hypoallergenic.

Sizes for adults

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Pastel
Gender Unisex
Filling Glass micro-spheres


Weighted blanket with a motif of sky blue checker is a proposal which gained plethora of popularity amongst adults. Light colors combined with a traditional pattern and candy-like colors of the checker will excellently improve your mood before sleep. Is there anything more pleasant than freshness that encourages you to fall asleep by gently caressing your cheek?

Weighted blanket and its beneficial properties at night

Weighted blankets perfectly stimulate the senses of persons that are tucked in underneath the product. The blanket’s significant weight places deep pressure on the body and thus stimulates receptors located within muscles and joints. Compared to the superficial touch sensed solely through skin, proprioception allows to calm down and relax. The blanket’s beneficial properties serve both body and mind. Calmness and pleasant, relaxing pressure placed by the blanket facilitates falling asleep. Furthermore, stimulation of the proprioceptive system also reduces involuntary movements of the body (i.e. hands and legs) during the night and prevents from waking up throughout the night. Furthermore, persons who use weighted blankets perceive sleeping under them as a much more pleasant experience than sleeping under a traditional bed cover. 

Weighted blanket and its impact on the body throughout the day

Healthy sleep improves functioning during the day. Good well-being, improved concentration and memory – these are only some of the effects of using a weighted blanket. 

Weighted blankets can prove to be beneficial also during the day, when you have an abundance of responsibilities and special challenges, especially in case of persons suffering from different psycho-motor disorders. 

The blanket is useful even after several minutes of use. It is best if you use it approx. 20 minutes before falling asleep (afterwards you can switch to a traditional blanket) or several minutes during the day (in between activities, such as doing homework). 

Even a short term relax underneath the blanket results in restoration of balance of both body and mind, calmness (self-organization), better perception of one’s own body, rest and improved attention. 

Disorders in which it is recommended to use a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets support sensory integration therapies, therapies of persons with disorders such as autism, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome, Tourette syndrome, neurosis, depression, restless leg syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, pains and numerous others. 

Weighted blanket with a sky blue checker – arrangement

Weighted blanket covered with a sky blue checker is an ideal proposal for bedrooms kept in a rustic style, be it either Scandinavian or Provencal. It fits perfectly with flowery motifs and looks great in a light, natural environment. 


Weighted blanket is a medical product. SENSO-REX™ weighted blankets are made out of natural and hypoallergenic materials (glass micro-beads). We produce it in accordance with technology from the United States which ensures that our products are both durable and precisely executed. 


Cleaning a weighted blanket – it is recommended to dry clean it or wash it manually. Dry in horizontal position.

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