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Weighted blanket with a motif of anchors on a dark blue background

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Custom-made medical device

Weighted blanket filled with glass micro-spheres, hypoallergenic.

Sizes for adults

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Maritime
Gender For Boy
Filling Glass micro-spheres

SENSO-REX™ weighted blanket with a motif of anchors on a dark blue backgroundis a perfect solution for interiors kept in a marine style.

Weighted blanket – medical device

Weighted blankets are used during therapies on psycho-physical development disorders and sensory integration disorders. Therapists often use weighted blankets while working with persons suffering from ADHD, autism, Asperger syndrome, Tourette syndrome, anxiety neurosis, compulsive-obsessive disorder, restless leg syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Weighted blankets are also often called sensory blankets. Inside, they contain additional weight (in case of SENSO-REX™ weighted blankets – hypoallergenic glass micro-beads). Thanks to this weight, it is possible to stimulate proprioceptors located within muscles, joints and tendons. Stimulating this sense is mandatory especially in case of movement coordination deficits, problems with planning and executing sequences of moves, regulating the strength and insufficient orientation in the alignment and movement of particular parts of the body.

The gentle pressure placed by the blanket is to some extent similar to massage. It results in relaxation of both body and mind as well as facilitates falling asleep. Weighted blankets can also serve as a cover that will make you feel safe and allow you to sense your own body, control involuntary leg and hand movements.

Weighted blanket can help a patient fall asleep and sleep peacefully throughout the whole night. As a result, a fully regenerated body functions more appropriately during the day. One becomes more concentrated, less prone to stress and enjoys an improved wellbeing.

Weighted blanket - use

It is recommended to tuck in underneath the weighted blanket for approx. 20 minutes before falling asleep. Afterwards, the blanket can be replaced with a lighter one. Once tucked in, please make sure that you can breathe freely and that your moves are not restrained.

Weighted blankets can also become useful during the day. After several minutes underneath, a person will find it more easy to concentrate, regenerate the body, relax and return to tasks with new sources of strength. It is highly recommended when the day is full of responsibilities and difficult challenges as well as during stressful and crisis situations.

Weighted blanket with a motif of anchors on a dark blue background – arrangement

Weighted blanket with a motif of anchors on a dark blue background will perfectly fit into elements kept in a marine style. White, dark blue and red furniture and accessories will surely contribute to a highly fashionable and slightly fairy-tale environment that is well liked by a plethora of adults.


Weighted blanket is made out of natural fabrics and hypoallergenic materials. The size and weight can be adjusted to both weight and height of it user.


We recommend to either dry clean the blanket or wash it manually as well as dry it in horizontal position so as to avoid any deformations.

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