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Weighted blankets in colorful wigwams

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Medical device

Weighted blanket filled with glass micro-spheres, hypoallergenic.

Sizes for adults

Weighted blanket does not have thermal properties! On cold days, weighted blanket be applied to a normal quilt.

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Wild
Gender Unisex
Filling Glass micro-spheres

SENSO-REX™  weighted blanket covered with a motif of colorful wigwams combines energy, optimism and health. Falling asleep underneath it becomes a source pure pleasure, especially when you feel much better on the next day!

Therapies with the use of weighted blankets

Weighted blanket is a medical product that can be used for treating psycho-motor and neurodegenerative disorders along with sleep disorders. Furthermore, it can be used to soothe pain and reduce anxiety.

The blanket’s characteristic trait is the weight which allows to reach the receptors located within the skin as well as deeply inside the body – in muscles, tendons and joints. Years of experiences and research confirm that evenly distributed pressure with a precisely adjusted strength has a positive influence on both physical and mental condition of its users.

Weighted blanket can significantly reduce the time of falling asleep and contributes to an undisturbed sleep until the very morning. An appropriate dose of night-time regeneration ensures improved functioning throughout the day along with enhanced memory and concentration as well as increased ability to plan and execute movement combined with selection of appropriate pressure etc.

The weighted blanket’s unique properties are used by therapists while working with persons with sensory integration disorders and other psycho-physical disorders.

How to use a weighted blanket?

In order for the blanket to have a beneficial influence on health, it ought to be used during both day and night. During the evening, you ought tuck in approx. 20 minutes but make sure that the blanket does neither restrain your movements nor inhibit breathing. During the day, you can use the blanket during your leisure time. It is sufficient to tuck in for several minutes in order to regenerate your strength and rid of the stress you accumulated throughout the day.


SENSO-REX™ weighted blankets are safe for persons with allergies. Both fabrics and filling are selected and thus using the blanket is comfortable, safe and healthy.

The size and the weight of the blanket are adjusted to the individual needs of the ordering person.

Cleaning the weighted blanket – it is recommended to either dry clean the weighted blanket or wash it in a washing machine. Dry it in horizontal position, do not hang it.

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