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We wish to inform you that orders placed by 6th December will be executed before Christmas.
Thus, if you wish to give somebody a present in the form of one or more of our products, we highly encourage you to place your order now.
As for orders placed after 6th December, we do not guarantee that they will be delivered to your before Christmas.

Weighted blanket Senso Rex™ - red dinosaurs

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91,67 €

Custom-made medical device

Weighted blanket filled with glass micro-spheres, hypoallergenic.

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Wild
Gender For Boy
Filling Glass micro-spheres

Crazy dinosaurs in shades of red that will indisputably rule over the little one’s bedroom. Light colors mixed with an intensive contrast and pleasant to the touch fabrics constitute a combination that is perfect for children who pay close attention to details as well as require an appropriate dose of stimuli that will calm them down before sleep.

Our weighted blankets are made out of hypoallergenic and entirely natural materials: certified cotton and filling in the form of glass micro-beads. The quality of materials and meticulous execution are one of the priorities of our business. Thus, we ensure that our blankets will serve well for children with Asperger syndrome, autism and sensory integration disorders. Furthermore, our product is also beneficial to children suffering from ADHD and depression. The unique technology, which was developed in the United States, allows children to calm down, gain self-body awareness and relax as much as possible. The blankets not only help them fall asleep but also make their sleep deeper. Thus, children are able to fully regenerate their strengths after an intensive day. The weight of the blanket is adjusted individually upon each order in compliance with the following principle - the weight ought to be higher by 10-15% of weight of the child for whom the blanket is made. The length of the blanket is estimated by adding 20 cm to the child’s height. Furthermore, you can easily select both beddings and pillows that will match the weighted blanket. The dinosaur-patterned blanket will bring relief to both hyperactive children and their loving parents.