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Weiighted blanket - Paw patrol 2

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91,67 €

Medical device

Weighted blanket filled with glass micro-spheres, hypoallergenic.

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Oryginal
Gender For Boy
Filling Glass micro-spheres

PAW Patrol pleases the eye, entertains and teaches! Furthermore, it supports your child’s sleep! Weighted blanket covered with a popular motif, which is protected by copyrights, is an excellent choice for your little one’s bed!

Most of all, weighted blankets indicate properties that support therapeutic sessions. The technique for producing our blankets was first developed in the United States. Once its effectiveness became well-known and highly-popular, it was imported to Poland. The evenly distributed weight, which is thoroughly adjusted to the weight of the child, supports therapies of an abundance of disorders including: sensory integration disorders, ADHD, depression, autism and Asperger syndrome. The properties of the weighted blanket help the child calm down during the evening, limit self-stimulatory behavior and fall asleep peacefully. A regenerative and deep sleep, ensured by the weighted blanket, contributes to favorable functioning of the little one on the following day.

Our weighted blankets constitute top-tier quality medical products that the children enjoy thanks to their finesse patterns. All our products are made out of natural materials that are safe for persons with allergies, such as glass micro-beads and certified cotton. Our weighted blankets are covered with a motif of happy canines and colorful letters that can also serve as an element of games played with children before sleep or during lazy mornings. Furthermore, you can also select a pillow that will match the blanket and thus increase your child’s joy even further.

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