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Senso Rex™ weighted blanket - little Pirate

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100,93 €

Custom-made medical device

Weighted blanket filled with glass micro-spheres,

hypoallergenic, one side minky.

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Oryginal
Gender For Boy
Filling Glass micro-spheres

This pirate-themed weighted blanket for children was developed with focus on little enthusiasts of great adventures. It is full of humorous drawings that both entertain and stimulate imagination. The emotions are balanced with the blanket’s calm colors. The motifs of pirates combined with a weighted blanket create a unique team as only a weighted blanket can lull the child to sleep better than the sound of the sea.

Pirate-themed weighted blanket for children - fairytale journey to health

When the child’s imagination sinks into visions of maritime battles, the child’s body benefits from the advantages of healthy sleep. The weighted blanket is quite heavy - thus it has a great effect on the child’s body. It is able to reduce stress, calm the little one down and relax the child with intensive pressure. The product’s deep pressure is similar to a massage. The muscles quickly relax while your little one prepares to fall asleep.

A long, undisturbed sleep contributes to full restoration of strengths. Hence, the child can wake up on the next day in a good mood. Furthermore, healthy sleep improves the agility of the mind - the child’s memory increases along with the ability to concentrate on tasks. The little one is able to respond to stimuli much faster and more appropriately.

The deep pressure of the weighted blanket contributes to improved secretion of serotonin, which is of utmost importance especially in case of children suffering from a deficiency of this hormone. Balance of other hormones undergoes rationalization as well.

How does a child rest underneath the weighted blanket?

The properties of weighted blankets have been thoroughly researched and described. They are commonly used by therapists working with children suffering from psycho-physical development disorders. Our weighted blanket is no simple blanket - thus it is important to underline the way of using it properly.

Tuck the child in underneath the weighted blanket for approx. 20 minutes before falling asleep. Once the little one falls asleep, you can replace it with a lighter substitute. Remember that the child ought to be able to move freely underneath the blanket. The blanket ought not hinder breathing - therefore cover neither neck nor head.

The weighted blanket can also used during the day. Several minutes spent tucked in (not necessarily while lying down) will allow the little one to restore strengths, help concentrate and calm down.

A healthy weighted blanket

SENSO-REX™ weighted blankets are made from top-tier quality materials. The cotton cover as well as glass micro-beads are safe for persons with allergies and ensures full air permeability. It is pleasant to the touch, healthy and covered with a beautiful theme of pirates - it is the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep for your child.

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