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Crocodiles weighted blanket Senso Rex™

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Custom-made medical device

Weighted blanket filled with glass micro-spheres, hypoallergenic.

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Oryginal
Gender Unisex
Filling Glass micro-spheres

We use only the top-tier quality, natural, hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch materials for producing our weighted blankets. They are able to freely adjust to the child’s body – they are not stiff but rather loose.

Weighted blanket can be used not only for night-time sleep but also during afternoon naps and rest throughout the day. It is best to wash it by hand in order to limit the danger of damaging its structure. While drying it, do remember that it is quite heavy. Therefore do not hang it vertically as the product might stretch and deform.

The pressure of the weighted blanket increases the child’s sense of body. Furthermore, it calms the little one down, relaxes and smoothes excitation as well as reduces self-stimulatory behavior along with anxiety. By placing pressure on the body, it uses massage techniques and allows the child to achieve tranquility.

The weighted blanket is covered with a pattern of joyful and colorful crocodiles.


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