Senso-Rex™ Gravity® Blanket

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The weight should be about 10% of body weight

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Our Gravity® Blanket – weighted blanket is a warm and delightfully pleasant to the touch, relaxing weighted blanket made in order to calm and satisfy all your senses. It brings relief to your muscles and – by gently skimming your skin – makes your sleep a real-time pleasure. The experience is even more profound due to the therapeutic deep pressure that the weighted blanket places on the body and the warmth of the classic cover it provides. Gravity® Blanket weighted blanket constitutes a combination of achievements of contemporary physiotherapy, the power of tradition and modern production engineering.

Source of health

The deep touch of the weighted blanket is a source of peace, relax and health. The product, thanks to the gentle but firm pressure that it places on the body, contributes to the feeling of relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and obsessive thoughts as well as relieves pain. All that is left is the soothing touch and warmth of our Gravity® Blanket.

Sleep is a pleasure and the weighted blanket can make this pleasure last as long as the day-long fatigued senses require it.

Perfect execution

Shining cotton with stitches at the exact place indicated by the designer convey a thoroughly selected filling – glass and silicone micro-beads of an equal size. The filling is selected so as to ensure top-tier comfort of sleep as well as prevent it from passing through to the outside of the cover.

The cover itself is made from plush that is pleasant to the touch and decorated with quilts on one side. The other side remains perfectly smooth.

The construction of our Gravity® Blanket weighted blanket is compliant with requirements of therapists. It weight amounts to approx. 10% of the weight of the person using it.

Top-tier quality, hypoallergenic materials

Our Gravity® Blanket weighted blanket constitutes an exclusive proposal for those who expect more. It is made from supreme-quality cotton and ecologic filling. Glass and silicone beads that fill out the blanket contribute to an environment that prevents the proliferation of mites. All this combined makes a product that is entirely safe for persons with allergies.

Size of the weighted blanket

Gravity® Blanket weighted blanket is available in size from 135 x 200cm to 155 x 220cm. Weight range – from 4 to 12 kg.

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135×200 cm, 150×220 cm


Colour: Space Gray (Summer), Colour: Space Gray (Standard + Summer) Set, Colour: Poseidon (Summer), Colour: Poseidon (Standard + Summer) Set, Colour: Space Gray (Standard), Colour: Poseidon (Standard)


4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg