Senso-Rex™ Weighted Blanket / Farm

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The weight should be about 10% of body weight

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Is your child looking forward to spending vacations at the countryside? Does our little one love domestic animals and large machines? This blanket will surely convince your child to go to sleep!

This colorful and intensively patterned weighted blanket constitutes not only a pleasant aspect that reminds of summer air and the sounds of the countryside but also an extremely functional element of your child’s therapy. Weighted blankets, thanks to their construction developed in the United States, will serve well for treating various psycho-physical problems, sensory integration disorders, ADHD, depression and autism. Depending on the needs, they can stimulate senses as well as limit self-stimulatory behavior before falling asleep. Another advantage of the blankets is the fact that they calm the child down, relax and help the little ones fall asleep. Children who experience problems with falling asleep and wake up frequently during the night will be able to rest peacefully at last. The blankets are perfectly executed and made solely out of natural and hypoallergenic materials – certified cotton and glass micro-beads. The products’ parameters are adjusted individually to the weight and height of each child. Furthermore, the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed.

The blankets can be washed manually or dry-cleaned. This prevents their deformations. Our store’s offer provides an opportunity to find beddings and pillows that would match the pattern presented on the image above.

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60×100 cm, 90×120 cm, 100×150 cm, 110×170 cm


1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg