Senso-Rex™ Weighted Blanket / Paw patrol

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PAW Patrol to guard your child’s sleep? No problem! From now on, we offer a weighted blanket that is protected by copyrights!

This pink, comfortable and charming blanket will surely become a beloved bedroom element of all fans of PAW Patrol! Furthermore, it will help you convince your little one that it is high time to go to sleep. Besides attractive and modern patterns that are beloved by children, our blankets also offer a great deal of functional properties.

Thanks to technology developed in the United States, our weighted blankets serve well for therapies essential in treating autism, depression, sensory integration disorders, Asperger syndrome and ADHD. The blankets are produced out of natural and hypoallergenic materials: certified cotton and glass micro-beads. Furthermore, their weight is optimally distributed throughout the blanket and thus allows to limit self-stimulatory behavior, fall asleep peacefully as well as enjoy a deep and calm sleep. After a well-slept night, children are much calmer, rested and willing to co-operate. The weight is always adjusted to the weight and height of the child. You can also select a pillow that will match the blanket and thus provide the child with an opportunity to enjoy a complete set of the little one’s favorite bedding. It will not only bring the child a lot of joy, but also serve as an excellent means of support – besides their undisputable visual properties, weighted blankets also constitute 100% professional medical products.

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