Senso-Rex™ Weighted Blanket / Pink Owls

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The colorful, fancy and crazy owls create a pattern that will surely cater to the taste of energetic and mobile children. Furthermore, the optimally distributed weight helps children shift from their daily activities to evening relax in a much faster and gentle way.

Weighted blankets play an important role: they relax, calm down, limit self-stimulatory behavior and ensure deep sleep that allows to rest. The blankets that we produce are distinguished not only by their unique motifs but also the quality of their execution. The technique that we are able to effectively apply was developed in the United States and afterwards imported to Poland. The weight and the size of each blanket are adjusted to the weight and height of each child. Furthermore, the materials we use for producing the blankets are entirely natural and hypoallergenic. Currently, we use the beneficial properties of certified cotton and filling in the form of glass micro-beads. The blanket will serve well for children struggling with sensory integration disorders, psycho-physical problems, ADHD, autism, depression, Asperger syndrome etc. The blanket is a great way to support both therapies and parents, who can be sure that their child enjoys a peaceful sleep and rest. Furthermore, you can easily find a pillow that will match the blanket and thus create a consistent bedding set for the child’s bed.

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