Senso-Rex™ Weighted Blanket / Special forces

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Fire trucks, police cars and badges! Is there anything better for a little enthusiast of uniformed services right before sleep? Weighted blankets covered with such pattern are a perfect choice for those who look for a functional blanket that will bring the little one lots of joy!

We produce our weighted blankets according to technology that was developed in the United States. The weight, which is individually adjusted to the weight of the child, proves to be an important factor for limiting self-stimulatory behavior, improving the quality of the child’s sleep as well as supporting various types of therapies. Our products are developed with utmost care for each and every smallest detail out of natural, child-friendly and hypoallergenic materials: OEKO-TEX cotton and glass micro-beads. The properties of our weighted blankets are most beneficial for children with autism, Asperger syndrome, depression and ADHD. Children are able to calm down thanks to the weight of the blanket as well as relax before falling asleep. Thus, they can enjoy a deep and undisturbed sleep which contributes to their favorable well-being throughout the day. You can easily select a pillow that would match this charming and functional blanket. Hence, your child will be able to enjoy a complete bedding set covered with the little one’s favorite motif.

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