Stress and tension reduction

Studies show that Weighted Blankets contribute to a significant reduction of anxiety and stress. They effectively help increase the production of serotonin (the hormone of happiness). with the simultaneous reduction of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. When covering ourselves with a Weighted Blanket, we get a pleasant sense of security and tranquility. As the result our body and nervous system calm down. We witness a significant increase of the production of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness, and melatonin – the sleep hormone. All this makes it easier to fall asleep or relax in any situation.

Challenges at work, heavy traffic, notifications shown on the screen of our phone or a constant presence in social media, they all have a significant impact on our brain and thoughts. Stress, undoubtedly, is an inseparable part of our lives, but it becomes a problem when we are exposed to it for a long time. It makes our body and our mind suffer. According to recent studies a typical European spends 2 hours daily on the Internet. The majority claims, that they are addicted to their electronic devices.

Workplace research show similar cases, on average an employee visits about 40 pages a day. This new lifestyle significantly contributes to increasing stress in our society.


A healthy, deep sleep

Deep relaxation caused by the pressure of a Weighted Blanket makes us fall into a deep sleep in a short time without waking up at night.
Too little sleep or its poor quality have a significant impact on our productivity, and can also lead to a number of health problems, such as diabetes, overweight or heart disease. Nowadays it is more likely that you know someone suffering from insomnia than someone who has no sleep problems.


A peaceful child, a relaxed parent

Weight blankets are recommended by Sensory Integration Therapists, Psychologists and Physiotherapists. A child wrapped in a Weighted Blanket will feel safe and warm – it is something that can replace hugging for him/her. A Weighted Blanket allows your child to calm down and make him/her feel more confident on his/her own. Thanks to this, parents can get some time for themselves …

Learn more about the use of children’s Weighted Blankets.


Embrace yourself with tranquility

The pressure created by the weight of the blanket creates the same pleasant feeling as while being hugged. As a result, we calm down and feel „loved” and supported.
Senso-Rex™ Weighted Blankets are designed to provide a pleasant and cozy feeling at night, but they can also be used during the day.
They are ideal for resting on the couch, afternoon naps or a quick break for regeneration at work. The cotton material from which Senso-Rex ™ Weighted Blankets are sewn is fully breathable,therefore it can be used even on the hottest days of the year.
For those of you that are always cold we recommend the Gravity Blanket, as it has an additional, warm and cozy cover.

It has been scientifically proven that Weighted Blankets can help with the following diseases, disorders and symptoms:

  • Sleep disorders / Insomnia (or problems falling asleep)
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Stress
  • Asperger’s syndrome and autism
  • Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), caused by chemotherapy or menopause
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Psychological and physical tension
  • Sensory Integration Disorders
  • With patients over the age of 65 it can help ease the symptoms such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s
  • Dementia

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