The weighted blanket – a luxury of a healthy sleep

18 May, 2017 / Mateusz

Who is the weighted blanket for?

The sensory blanket is otherwise called a weighted blanket. The first name suggests a connection with the senses, the second one – with weight. It would be most appropriate to combine the two associations, because the blanket’s weight has an evenly distributed pressure, and thus affects the receptors (senses) responsible for the sensation of one’s body and its position.

The need for deep emphasis on the body involves children and adults who are struggling with hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, or both, suffering from sensory deficiencies. This group includes, among others. Autistic people, people with ADHD, Down syndrome, Asperger syndrome or Tourette syndrome. Deep pressure is also a positive influence on people with neurotic disorders – anxiety disorder, neurosis, and even depression.

The weighted blanket – rest at night and relax during the day

Parents of children with psychomotor disorders notice an almost instant improvement in the quality of their child’s sleep when they cover them with a weighted blanket before falling asleep. Children are quicker and easier to fall asleep, sleep longer and sleep is not interrupted or the number of interruptions decreases significantly. Importantly, children do not have to be covered with a blanket all night. Just about 20 minutes.

The action of the sensory blanket is not limited solely to the care of a healthy sleep. The deep pressure exerted by the blanket increases the serotonin secretion process, which usually does not include those with psychophysical disorders. Serotonin affects the functioning of the body throughout the day.

When the level of concentration decreases during the day, the environment becomes increasingly overwhelmed and the anxiety builds inside, then the weighted blanket comes to the recue. The blanket is perfect for a few minutes of relaxation – resting between lessons, evening reading, short meditation, etc. The moments spent under the comfort of the blanket allow you to focus, control your body and overcome everyday challenges.

Weighted blanket in sensory integration therapy

Weighted blankets and other weighted-bearing products (e.g. vests or flanges) are successfully used as a complement to occupational therapy for people with sensory integration disorders. Their impact on the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments contributes to better interpretation and processing of sensory stimuli by the central nervous system.

Due to its therapeutic properties, sensory blankets are used in schools, workshops and clinics around the world. As parents emphasize the use of weighted-bearing cloaks, such rapid-response therapies are fast-paced, with improved body awareness, increased concentration, and calmer children.

Sensory comfort is particularly useful in difficult situations, such as when a child:

  • cannot sleep,
  • cannot keep in focus and in one position until he or she finishes the task,
  • Is overly mobile, flashy or aggressive in public,
  • looking for touch sensations, e.g. by touching or touching other objects, or even destroying them,
  • is distracted or angry,
  • has trouble performing tasks one by one.

A similar effect results in the use of bed linen in adolescents and adults.

Senso-rex™ – exceptional sleep quality

The blanket does its job with its own weight, but its weight is never an issue. Nothing in the sensory blanket should be harmful, because every detail of it can be chosen for comfort at your leisure.

Sensorex TM weighted balancers are unique and unique, tailor-made covers. This blanket is ideal for people with sensory integration disorders that may otherwise perceive its texture, color, and even smell.

The look of the blanket, the fabric type, its color and design, the quality of the fill material, and the way the details are trimmed and made are all very important.

Senso-rex™ weighted blankets

Statistically speaking, we prefer to sleep in bright bed sheets, and black overwhelms us. We usually choose fabrics that are nice to the touch, less slippery, almost never – rough. That is statistically, but individually we are very different from each other.

Sensorex ™ flaps are not statistical, but unique and compatible with the preferences and choices of a particular person. Blanket’s are sewn with elaborate fabrics, which put the highest demands. They are natural, airy, nice / nice to the touch, hypoallergenic and have the necessary certificates. Their colors and patterns correspond to the current trends, and in the case of children’s blanket refer to the motifs and characters of your favorite fairy tales.

Filling the weighted blanket

The material used in the weighted the duvet is as important as the fabric on the outside. The Senso-rex™ drapes are filled with micro-glass beads with equal and safe diameter for the user. The weighted micro-glass beads are spread evenly over the entire surface in the blanket, so that the body is weighted in every position to the same degree. The material used is hypoallergenic, suitable for handwashing or chemical cleaning.

Assembly of the weighted blanket

Designing each blanket begins with determining its size and weight, and the proper placement of the weighted micro-glass beads. The weight of the sensory duvet is about 10% of the body weight of the wearer, the length of the cover corresponds to the height of the wearer by about 20cm (the final parameters of the sensory duvet should be consulted with the therapist).

The technology of manufacturing the Senso-rexTM ducting from the United States guarantees high durability and longevity. It also has a great influence on the aesthetic appearance of the entire cover, details and finish. This blanket can become part of the decor of any bedroom.

First step to calm

Sensory beds are often a therapeutic salvation for many children and their parents. Adolescents and adults also avoid a crisis situation because, as they say, the tight wrap around of this unusual duvet allows them to calm themselves, feel safe, and regain control of themselves.

Although it is difficult to believe, sensory duvets can help to control agitation, aggression or anxiety in a short time. They sleep well and cause a significant prolongation of sleep.

Sensory integration therapists are very eager to recommend using these blanket because they have been tested on a number of occasions in many cases. In no way has it caused negative effects, and in the vast majority definitely improved the way people function with disorders. Weighted blankets are proven, safe and effective, so they should be used not only in the form of a lifesaver, but also as a preventative measure. This may be the first step to calm and stabilize your healthy sleeping.