How can weighted blanket help a child with autism?

11 spalio, 2019 / Bartek IT

Weighted blanket, and autism

Autism and developmental disorders are most often accompanied by sensory and affective problems. The deep pressure exerted by the closely spaced sensory weighted blanket allows children with these disorders to feel comfortable. How? The body experiencing decisive oppression becomes more static, organized and calmer. In such a state, it is easier to focus, relax, calm at bedtime or relieve stress.

It is worth noting that these weighted blankets are a great solution not only for children but also for adults. They also note that due to the deep pressure on the body they are able to relax and calm, and the quality of sleep is greatly improved.

This is the reason why blankets have been used for years in the therapy of people with autism or other developmental or neurological disorders.

The Weighted Blanket is sewn in size. You do not buy ready-made products in the store. Also do not use the weighted blanket after someone because its dimensions should be strictly adjusted to the size of the person using it.

The Weighted Blankets for large and small people

The weight of the Weighted Blanket should be between 10% and 15% of body weight. Likewise, the length of the Weighted Blanket must be adjusted to the wearer’s height (with a 20 percent overshoot).

Blankets are made of natural, nice-looking, yet durable materials. Thanks to that, they work great at home and in therapeutic centers, or in kindergartens and schools.

The best manufacturers produce sensory Weighted Blankets from natural and hypoallergenic materials. mostly uses cotton and flannel for this purpose. As fillers we use glass micro balls or glass granules.

This greatly reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Fabrics are nice for the skin as well as for the eye. Young children can enjoy sweet, fairy-tale colors, and adolescents and adults – subdued colors and modern designs. This choice guarantees that everyone will find something tasteful in both the bedroom and the children’s room. Advantages of the sensory Weighted Blanket

Autistic children often do not like to be cuddled, but blankets can be an exception. Wrapping up a Weighted Blanket is something that in a sense replaces hugging. This makes them feel safer and more confident.

Blankets used in appearance do not differ from the usual blanket. That is why children who use them often are not aware that they sleep under something other than their parents, colleagues or friends’ blankets. It is very important, especially at the stage of development, in which any differences in the way of functioning can especially affect the child.

Blankets do not have to fulfill only one function, they do not have to be used only during nightly sleep. Children like to enjoy them during the day, in moments of relaxation or short naps. Other weighted items (such as toys or sleeping bags) can also be added to the sensory cuffs. They are also part of the therapy and by positive stimulation of the central nervous system they contribute to the better functioning and development of the child.