Weighted collar – always ready to help

11 spalio, 2019 / Bartek IT

How does the weighted collar help?

Weighted collars are used for people with psychophysical disorders. Most often they are used by people that are:

  • autistic,
  • With sensory integration disorders,
  • with anxiety disorder
  • with obsessive-compulsive disorder,
  • with depression or similar mental disorders,
  • with posttraumatic stress syndrome.

When do we use a weighted collar?

The design of the weighted collar is similar to that of a weighted west or a weighted blanket. It is used in moments where attention is required, during therapeutic sessions, and in times of crisis. Usually, the weighted collar is used when :

  • special concentration is required, e.g. during learning,
  • symptoms of the upcoming crisis are felt (before the outbreak of aggression),
  • When self-inflicted,
  • When the day plan changes unexpectedly, things are different than usual,
  • when we are in public, such as in a cinema, theater, restaurants,
  • during meetings where there are a lot of people (e.g. birthday parties, meetings, etc.)
  • when traveling by car or public transport, where there are more (unknown) passengers.

It is not difficult to see that the weighted collar helps in the same way as the weighted vest or the comfort quilt. However, it must be emphasized that this is the ideal solution in moments of tension and stress. The collar presses on the neck muscles – so it relaxes perfectly. The collar can be used in various ways. It does not necessarily have to rest on the shoulders. You can put it on your lap, for example, or put your hands underneath it. The collar is small and lightweight, so it is easy to carry in a bag. It may therefore be unnoticed to accompany us on a journey, in class, or in social gatherings.

What does the weighted collar look like?

The weighted collar is adapted to the size and weight of the wearer. Children’s weighted collars weigh about 1 kg, while collars for adults are – approx. 2-5 kg. The weight is in the form of glass micro-beads that spread evenly throughout the length and width of the collar. The Senso- rex TM weighted collar is designed to fit perfectly into the rest of your clothes. It can be an add-on that is hidden discretely or displayed, complementing an entire outfit. It is especially important, for example, during celebrations or other important meetings. Children will certainly be happy with the collars, which thanks to the inventive creativity of designers take on the most varied, fabulous shapes. In this way, the collar not only helps, but also entertains the child. The type of fabric, its texture, color and motifs are chosen to the preferences of the future owner of the collar. However, it should be noted that weighted collars are usually placed around the particularly sensitive neck, and in the case of children, this place is very susceptible to dirt. When choosing a collar for yourself or your loved one, you should consider these issues. Senso-rex™ weighted collars are made of extremely skin-friendly fabrics and the collar is hypoallergenic. In the production process, we use modern American technology, which makes the collars extremely resistant to abrasions. The filling material used to make the collars is also resistant to frequent washing.