Weighted vest- a way to harness excess energy

11 spalio, 2019 / Bartek IT

Waistcoats are perfect for all ages. Those who already wear the vest have a good idea of ​​the impact it has on their lives; the type of vest they feel the best in, and which aesthetics suit them. The parents of younger children are much more likely to get bored, even if the child does not always express what they like or do not like.

When does a child need a weighted vest?

Before we go into details about a waistcoat, it is worth checking if your child needs it at all. Therapists offer support for the treatment of a weighted vest in several situations, here are some of them:

  • When the child has excess energy,
  • when very active – jumps, climbs, etc.,
  • when he or she cannot sit in one place longer,
  • when unable to act in an organized manner,
  • when looking for pressure,
  • When you squeeze other objects and people and want to be squeezed,
  • when you often get anxiety or anxious,
  • when they are withdrawn.

What is the weighted vest?

Weighted vests are very diverse. Some of them are tailored so that they can be worn under the clothes. With skillful selection of clothing it can be completely invisible. An increasingly interesting option is the weighted vest that is visible to others, worn on top of clothes. As the wardrobe changes its appearance with fashion, Senso-rex TM load vests are adapted to the age and preferences of the users.

For girls, teenagers and women, we offer vests that are easy to fit into romantic, sports or classic clothing. It’s a vigorous waistcoat, in feminine colors and patterns. For small fashionistas, specially imported fabrics are decorated with motifs from the most popular fairy tales!

Boys, teens and men prefer vests in subdued colors. In black, ash, but also in jeans or khaki color. Military and sporty vest styles are also popular, but the classicists will find something for themselves.

What is the difference between a waistcoat vest and another vest?

Inside, the pockets are sewn in a way that allow the weights to be inserted. The weight of the waistcoat and the weights should not exceed 5% of the weight of the user. Pockets are sewn evenly from both sides, back to front so that the body feels the same pressure everywhere. The length of the waistcoat cannot be set arbitrarily, as the weights cannot be allowed on the legs of the child while sitting.

How to choose a weighted vest for your child?

Adults usually choose their own clothes, so how to choose a weighted vest for a child? It is worth giving your child a few options for combining with clothing. Colors and patterns should be agreed with the toddler. Let’s make it look attractive, despite the extra item of clothing. It will certainly raise the child’s self-esteem and make him or her feel no different than their peers.

How does a weighted vest work on your body?

A sensory vest is a daily companion for people who have already tried it. It is used by children in kindergarten, middle school, college, universities and employees at a later stage of life. Deep emphasis on the body that exerts a vest allows them to feel more confident, more focused on tasks, better integrated and connected to the environment.

Weighted vest- do not wear it all day!

The weighted vest should not be worn all day without interruption. Initially it is worn for 2 – 3 hours a day, worn for half an hour then take a 2 hour break and then worn again for another half an hour. Always take a 2-hour break.

Wearing a waistcoat should be consulted with a therapist. The specialist will certainly identify a number of important issues, above all will exclude any contraindications. In addition, they can help you determine the proper intensity of use of the vest. They may also propose to combine this form of therapy with other elements.