Let yourself relax

11 spalio, 2019 / Bartek IT

How to relax?

Deep relaxation is possible with silent thoughts and lowering muscle tension. This is equivalent to getting rid of accumulated stress in the body.

Purification of thought can be achieved by focusing on any object or activity of one’s own body, such as breathing. Controlling your breath or observing something in the environment, such as a flower or candle flame, helps your mind ease from the day to day stress. This can be a great introduction to meditation. With relaxation comes relaxation of the body, loosening the muscles and giving up unnecessary movement. We feel it as the body of gravity and inertia.

When you cannot relax …

It is not always the will to relax. Sometimes traumatic events, problems and disorders in the body can prevent calming the mind and body. At that point, therapeutic techniques are helpful.

One of them is the use of a weighted blanket. Applying a blanket with a suitable (weight-adjusted) weight allows you to better feel your own body and control your reflexes. Reduces nervousness or calms reflexes, etc.

Muscle loosening is not the only effect of using a weighted blanket. It perfectly lowers the level of anxiety, gives a sense of security, calms down, and limits pain.

This all adds up to a significant acceleration of relaxation as well as improved quality of relaxation.

Relax under control

Relax under the comforter is nothing new. You can use it both during an afternoon nap and during the night rest. Some people, especially children with developmental disabilities, also serve to relax and gather strength in arduous and tiring activities.

Therapists emphasize that the effects of its application, even in difficult cases, come very quickly. It is important to know that weighted blankets are a proven way of dealing with insomnia, neurosis, depression, chronic pain, and developmental disorders, such as ADHD and autism spectrum.

It is good to use a comfort blanket, unless you suffer from conditions such as cardiovascular disorders, respiratory disorders, or scoliosis, it is advisable to consult a therapist or doctor. Then we will be sure that thanks to the duvet we will gain energy and a healthy well-being.