Weighted blanket in a charitable service

02 April, 2019 / Mateusz

Weighted blankets are therapeutic accessories that are gaining enormous popularity. Each of them is unique, made to order and adjusted to the weight and preferences of the user. But what happens to pieces that have been returned and are not suitable for sale? Owners of Senso-Rex® and GravityBlankets® brands have decided to give them a second life and at the same time do a good deed – the returned weighted blankets go to orphanages and nursing homes.

Activities in harmony with nature

In order to fulfil its therapeutic function, the weighted blanket must be subjected to the process of personalization. Its performance and effectiveness are based on a perfect match to the person who will use it, and the best results are obtained when the weight of the blanket is from 10 to 15 percent of the user’s weight. But what if the customized product is returned? After all, no one with other dimensions or preferences can use it. The Polish producers who combined the philanthropy with care for the environment came up with a perfect idea, and every returned blanket or duvet goes to orphanages and nursing homes for the elderly.

– Our studio was created for people who need help in therapy, so what we do every day has a core based on service of a higher purpose. For this reason our company puts a great deal of emphasis on all activities that can help not only people, but also the planet on which we live. We use natural resources, we function in communities, we associate with other people, and so we want to give back to the good we receive if we have such a possibility – explains Joanna Goliszek, co-owner of Senso-Rex® and GravityBlankets®.

Building social awareness

Returning duvets and blankets is not all that the company does as part of pro-social activities. From the beginning of its activity, the Senso-Rex® and GravityBlankets® laboratories have employed people with disabilities, dysfunctional and – due to their activity – sensory disturbances. All this allows us to not only deeply understand the needs of the groups to which weighted accessories are addressed but also to show that working with people affected by various types of diseases or accidents is possible and very necessary in building social awareness.

The owners, however, did not stop at prosocial activities. Keeping up the momentum, activities for people as well as those benefiting the planet, which everyone benefits from, are just as important. – In order to limit the harmful effects of production, we decided to introduce solar-powered machines for use. Firstly, due to the fact that solar panels produce clean energy, without harmful emissions – in contrast to gas, oil or coal, releasing high levels of CO2 and contributing to global warming – Goliszek explains. What’s more, to reduce environmental losses, the founders limit production to Europe, where strict standards and certification programs are observed.

– We hope that by showing a good example on many levels of our activity, we will inspire other entrepreneurs to make similar decisions – added Joanna Goliszek, the studio’s founder at the end.