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How to Encourage Your Child to Read Books?

01 February, 2019 / Mateusz

Reading numbers in Poland shrink every year. Children are more eager to find entertainment in cellphones and tablets instead of books. This is a very disturbing phenomenon because, despite booming technology, reading improves the development of the youngest and stimulates them to further discover the world. How to encourage a child to reach for books […]

Relaxing Games for Children

16 January, 2019 / Mateusz

Nowadays when tablets and cellphones are children`s favourite toys, it is important to know relaxation techniques which will help the children to improve their thinking and other skills necessary to live in the today’s world. The best scenario is when they are connected with creative fun to fully engage our children in the play. Learning […]

Concentration Problems at School

21 December, 2018 / Mateusz

As parents we often wonder about the border between usual child’s distraction and a disorder that needs to be examined.  The problem begins when our child starts going to school and his behaviour attracts the teachers’ attention. What can we do to help our child get used to the rhythm and discipline of school or […]

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