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The facets of melatonin

19 June, 2019 / Mateusz

Melatonin is responsible for our sleep, protects against many diseases and helps fight depression. However, although it has a number of beneficial features, it can be dangerous. Even so, it is readily available in every pharmacy, like the most common vitamin supplements. From the brain to the intestines Melatonin, also known as the “hormone of […]

“Baby on board” – how to survive car travel with a child

14 June, 2019 / Mateusz

Travelling can be stressful for both the child and the parents. For safety reasons, the child must be placed in a seat with fastened belts, which is most often the reason for his discomfort and resulting dissatisfaction. When we add motion sickness, hunger and boredom to the feeling of restraint, the journey can become a […]

Tired working mothers

16 May, 2019 / Mateusz

Researchers are sounding the alarm – women should not go back to work soon after giving birth. Why? Intermittent and ineffective sleep, as well as the constant night vigil for the child, can cause the new mothers permanent fatigue and frustration. Such an unstable emotional state cannot possibly have a positive effect on job satisfaction […]

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