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Between “attachment parenting” and “stress-free parenting”

19 January, 2021

The emotions experienced by a child are quite a challenge for adults. Many of us experience real difficulties in adopting the right attitude when a toddler cries, gets angry, becomes hysterical, or has outbursts of aggression. On the one hand, this is the moment we want to care for the child. On the other hand, […]

Winter rituals – learn about our methods to truly relax!

19 January, 2021

Fall and winter are seasons when time seems to slow down a bit. We are more likely to spend our free time at home willingly. We are also more likely to seek refuge in solitude and seek rest. So, they are the perfect time to introduce rituals that will balance our bodies and calm our […]

Take care of yourself in a few simple steps!

15 December, 2020

The unconscious education from our parents or the specific era in which we grew up made us carry many emotional deficits. It is through those deficits that, as adults, we enter into partnerships and love relationships with high expectations. Most often, we want someone to take care of us, create an atmosphere of security around […]

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