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The ‘yes’ approach – take care of your child’s mental balance!

07 May, 2020 / Mateusz

Change can be a challenge for a person and means leaving the comfort zone to a greater or lesser degree. The functional changes we are experiencing during the #stayathome campaign are also rearranging the whole family system, in which one element affects several more. Forced quarantine is trying to balance new challenges – but we […]

Is a sleepy parent a worse parent?

27 April, 2020 / Mateusz

It is no secret to anyone that raising young children is overcome by fatigue, especially in the first stages of a baby’s life. Parents often feel frustrated, irritable and have a very strong yearning for uninterrupted, restorative sleep. But what happens when parents of older children and teenagers suffer from sleep disorders? Does it affect […]

How and why should you get up earlier? Here are 5 reasons!

27 April, 2020 / Mateusz

Mornings can be challenging; activities are performed in a hurry, stress, no time for breakfast or a moment for contemplation. Sounds familiar? Maybe it’s time to change your habits and start drawing energy for the whole day in the mornings. It is actually possible to start the day with a relaxing hot coffee accompanied by […]

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