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The weight should be about 10% of body weight

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Home Office Set – Take care of the comfort of your work at home!

Remote work has become part of our reality. What was once a dream becomes a torment today. Yes, there is no need to hurry in the morning, run for the bus, warm up the car or rush to the train but inevitably we start to suffer from chronic health problems.

Our home office often falls short of expected standards. We work at the wrong desk, we do not have an ergonomic chair, we lean over the computer, often we do not even have our own space. We share a workplace with a partner, children and pets. It all adds up to added stress, noise, and nervousness. As a result, we are constantly tired, we suffer from pain in the back, neck, shoulders and head.

The SENSOREX team is here to help!

To take care of your body and mental well-being we offer this GREAT TRIO. The set consists of 3 products designed especially for people who work a lot from home.

The Home Office set includes:

  • Weighted cushion
  • Weighted collar
  • Weighted headband

Each of these accessories will help you in the fight for the correct posture when working remotely (Do you ever slouch? Do you forget about the correct posture? Do you have an incorrectly positioned monitor?). The weight-bearing collar will relax the muscles of the shoulder, neck and nape, stimulate the muscles in static posture and help you relieve headaches. In addition, a weight-bearing pillow placed on your knees will help you concentrate your attention and your work will become more effective.

However our products are not only there to help in maintaining proper physical health, they are also a way to properly relax and unwind the body and mind! After an intense day you can use all the products to support your body in the process of its regeneration. The weighted headband will allow you to fight a headache, will relax you, give you refuge from the world of sounds and when worn over your eyes, you will fall asleep quickly.

Reading a book, watching a movie or playing with your child or pet will become even more enjoyable thanks to selective loading. For more information about the benefits of using these products, see our website. The Home Office set will perfectly complement the weighted blanket.

We have great news for you! When you buy a HOME OFFICE set, you save 18 GBP – for all products instead of 107,95 GBP, now you will pay 89,95 GBP. Do not miss this opportunity – take care of the comfort of your work now!

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