Surprising ways to overcome the blues

12 March, 2020 / Mateusz

We all have bad days, moods and attitude to the world. This is completely normal. However, sometimes watching your favourite movie or eating a bar of chocolate is not enough to beat the blues. At times our internal negative state is deeper and requires more specific action. Therapeutic elements (and accessories) that we don’t use every day can be very helpful.: For example:

The power of light – including artificial

Although the advice “you need more light” seems irrational or stereotyped to some, it does have excellent therapeutic application. When we look at how sunlight affects life, not just people but all life, e.g. plants, we can conclude that it really has a profound effect.  Natural light has a positive impact on the production of melatonin, which plays a key role in the functioning of the body because it regulates the entire daily cycle (sleep/wakefulness). Generous exposure to natural light improves sleep and helps you feel more rested the next day. The sun also helps to produce another important hormone – serotonin. This is called the “happiness hormone” because it improves our mood and well-being. According to Dutch scientists, to alleviate the first symptoms of depression, you must be exposed to at least 60 minutes of natural or artificial light with a power of at least 10 thousand lux (regular home lighting is about 500 lux). Research showed that as much as 85% of respondents felt a significant difference in well-being and experienced milder seasonal mood disorders.

Weighting the body

When we read about ways to feel better, most of the guidebooks have slogans like “sleep well”, “rest more”, “sleep at least 8 hours”. Yes, this is true, but we know from experience (and statistics) that what seems so simple can often be difficult to accomplish. After all, the number of stimuli we absorb, stress, responsibilities and social pressure are not conducive to completing basic activities, such as sleep. That is why we strongly recommend exploring the therapeutic option of weighting the body and its positive impact on effective sleep. Over 30 years ago, the idea of weighting as a therapeutic method was expounded by Dr Temple Grandin, who conducted extensive research on the effect of weight on sensory development in autistic people. During his scientific career, he constructed the so-called “squeeze machine,” or oppressive machine. More than half of the (healthy) students who participated in the experiment found deep oppression pleasant and relaxing, and some said that it alleviated feelings of tension and stress. It also turned out that gentle pressure not only helps to cure sick children but is also a great remedy for sleep disorders, in healthy children and adults as well. Based on these experiments, weighted (i.e. sensory) blankets were constructed which stimulate internal nerve connections, help reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) produced and enhance the increase in serotonin (happiness hormone).

Become inspired

Inspiration plays a more important role in our lives than one might think. Usually, we consciously enjoy the company of nice, aesthetic or colourful things and surround ourselves with them every day. “Nice” improves our mood, makes us feel happier and, according to research, better organized. So why not include this aspect in the “treatment” of your bad mood? Try to create a folder on your computer where you put inspirational photos – funny pictures, photos of your dream styling, ideas for decorating your home, beautiful furniture and accessories. In your worse moments, explore these images and inspirational ideas will start coming! It really works! In addition to consciously being surrounded by beauty, there are things we do completely unconsciously, e.g. listening to inspirational stories. Research on our reading and book buying shows that we like to follow and analyse the success stories of athletes, entrepreneurs, stories like “from zero to hero” or the path to success of today’s big brands. It is worth looking into such books in moments of doubt because such stories show that bad moments or failures are an inevitable element of the path to success, and this is what we need when we are feeling down.

Adrenaline, i.e. “something extra”

If all of the above methods seem a little boring ‘like milk and water’ you may need something really crazy. Do you usually enjoy a high-speed lifestyle and action gives you joy? No problem, we’ll find the right remedy for people like you! From a scientific point of view, accelerating the pulse and waking up dormant emotions are one of the best ways to alleviate the symptoms of depressed mood or even early depression. How can you raise your blood pressure in a simple, healthy and achievable way? And no, we’re not talking about a quarrel with a partner or dismissal from work. Try the shooting range, trampoline park, skate park, mountain climbing lessons; all of these are the perfect recipe to boost your adrenaline in activity.  Healthy competition will replace negative emotions, and any win will increase our self-esteem. It is worth trying something that we haven’t done before – new stimuli activate our brains and a busy brain will stop endlessly analysing the real or perceived misfortunes that you have to face. Remember to do your best and focus on the specific task!