Take care of yourself in a few simple steps!

15 December, 2020 / Mateusz

The unconscious education from our parents or the specific era in which we grew up made us carry many emotional deficits. It is through those deficits that, as adults, we enter into partnerships and love relationships with high expectations. Most often, we want someone to take care of us, create an atmosphere of security around us, ensure our uniqueness or always treat us as a priority. Meanwhile, our role is to take care of ourselves, learn our emotions, love who we are and live in harmony with our inner nature.

How to take care of yourself and surround yourself with love without anyone else’s participation? Here are some proven ways!

Analyse your deficits

Before you start working and exercising, you need to think about what your problem is and where you notice the emerging emotional conflicts. Do you feel worse when someone doesn’t compliment your hairstyle or a new phone? Do you underestimate yourself if you are not approved by others? Do you consider your job less valuable until it is complimented by your boss or a family member? These are signs that often prove our undervaluation. Seeking external applause means that we ourselves do not appreciate our achievements and we are unable to feel true inner joy. Analyse your needs and think about the fields in which you can satisfy them yourself.

Sleep is an element of self-care

Sleep has a huge impact on the regulation of our nervous and endocrine systems, and therefore on all those areas that affect our physical and emotional attitude. Inadequate rest and permanent body fatigue will certainly affect your everyday functioning, as well as how you perceive yourself and the world around you. So what to do to make your sleep an element of self-care? First of all, make it a nice ritual. Avoid sugar before going to bed, create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom, introduce eye-catching accessories, go to bed earlier, and avoid the phone while lying on the bed. If you already have problems with insomnia or ineffective sleep, consider replacing your regular duvet with a weighted blanket. The weighted blanket, filled with microbeads of weight appropriate for the user, has a positive effect on the functioning of our nervous system, reducing the amount of cortisol produced. As a result, we sleep better, and our body and mind become truly relaxed.

Plan and organize

What do you think will improve your well-being – massage and weekend at the SPA or good organization? Although apparently bodily pleasures and a moment of respite give us the strength to continue, they will be useless if we come back under stress, tensions at work, fear of every Monday or permanent sleeplessness. Nice touches, such as the aforementioned weekend at the SPA, will be a fantastic complement to a well-organized everyday life. This is why you need to learn to plan and manage your time. When you plan and check the list made on your calendar, your mind will start producing serotonin and oxytocin, and you will begin to feel joy and satisfaction in completing tasks. Importantly, in your daily plan, always include time for yourself or at least breaks from duties. Half an hour for a coffee and a book excerpt or a meditation session will be a huge gift for yourself.