Take care of yourself in a few simple steps!

15 December, 2020

The unconscious education from our parents or the specific era in which we grew up made us carry many emotional deficits. It is through those deficits that, as adults, we enter into partnerships and love relationships with high expectations. Most often, we want someone to take care of us, create an atmosphere of security around […]

Where can I get the strength to live?!

14 December, 2020

We ask ourselves this question more and more frequently, and there often seems no prospect for change. Closed in the machinations of duties, everyday stress, frustration and rush, we begin to function and also to think like robots. We devote ourselves to work, children, home, and development. From time to time, we might catch up […]

When repressing emotions becomes destructive

14 December, 2020

Being able to control your emotions is a sign of maturity, but it can also have repercussions. Why do we actually repress emotions? When should we react and when should we be restrained? Is consciously repressing emotions a good way to deal with stress? The art of maturity Keeping your nerves in check is one […]

Sleeping in anger is bad!

04 November, 2020

Have you heard the sayings that “you should not go to sleep arguing with your partner” or “not take your anger to bed”? It turns out they are based on strong scientific arguments. During sleep, our brain not only strengthens negative memories but also makes it difficult to remove them from memory. Anger is like […]

Are you overwhelmed by everyday life? You may suffer from sensory integration disorders

04 November, 2020

Although the term “sensory integration disorders” may sound scientific and enigmatic, each of us has likely experienced some of their dysfunctions. People with SPD can suffer unknowingly throughout their lives by attributing their symptoms to character traits or lifestyle. Sensory Processing Disorder affects many everyday behaviours, which can accumulate and eventually may overwhelm us and […]

I hate Monday – how to beat the “Monday blues”

04 November, 2020

“Monday blues”, or “Monday syndrome”, is the tension and stress we feel on Sunday, before the upcoming new week. This fear can be present from Sunday morning, and with each approaching hour until Monday, it escalates and grows stronger. This unhealthy reaction can have rapid and unpleasant consequences for our health, so it is definitely […]

What does it actually mean to be here and now?

08 October, 2020

If each of us scrupulously wrote down our current thoughts, it might be that the vast majority of them relate to the past or a perceived future. Generally, only a small part of our attention is directed to what is happening now, because we think about the future almost automatically or we reflect on the […]

How to care for the comfort of our nervous system?

08 October, 2020

When we get into the whirlwind of work and responsibilities, we don’t think about how deeply entrenched our stresses and tensions are. Often, however, malaise or deterioration of health is not only due to everyday problems, but also excessive exposure to stimuli that disturb our mind and body. Our nervous systems have limits, which perhaps […]

Learning to live in the present – 4 hands-on exercises

08 October, 2020

Although we were taught about three kinds of time in school – past, present, and future – as adults we often forget what is happening to us here and now. Our thoughts are constantly revolving around past events or scenarios of what might happen tomorrow, a month or a few years from now. Weakening our […]

When the mind stops understanding the body

07 September, 2020

The harmony of body and soul is the basis of the philosophy and operation of Chinese medicine. According to the knowledge passed down from generation to generation and common methods of diagnosis, many diseases have a mental background, and the body becomes ill due to tension or frustration. What exactly happens when our psyche and […]

Sleep regression, and why you return to sleepless nights

17 August, 2020

Has your baby suddenly stopped sleeping the way he used to? Sudden changes in a baby’s sleep are often caused by the acquisition of new skills at a given stage, i.e. development leaps. How can you recognize sleep regression and deal with it effectively? According to specialists, sleep regression is the temporary deterioration of a […]

Healthy sleep – time to return to the basics

01 July, 2020

We are happy to use the latest technologies, simplify our lives and organise everyday life more efficiently. However, there are areas such as sleep, where neither technology nor performance are our allies. In spite of various trends and fleeting theories, in order to sleep well, one should follow simple rules and principles. Here are some […]

Is a sleepy parent a worse parent?

27 April, 2020

It is no secret to anyone that raising young children is overcome by fatigue, especially in the first stages of a baby’s life. Parents often feel frustrated, irritable and have a very strong yearning for uninterrupted, restorative sleep. But what happens when parents of older children and teenagers suffer from sleep disorders? Does it affect […]

Somniphobia – when sleep causes real fear

11 March, 2020

Somniphobia is a chronic and irrational fear of falling asleep and sleep, which is becoming increasingly widespread in modern societies. Sometimes it is also confused with insomnia, but this confusion just makes it harder for a diagnosis and a chance of full recovery. Avoiding sleep can lead to serious disorders such as severely reduced immunity, […]


22 January, 2020

Although it may seem that little is happening during the sleep of a baby or child, actually many very important processes are occurring in his body. Effective naps and sleep allow rapid child development in the early stages of life. Furthermore, research shows that children have problems with concentration and emotions up to adulthood if […]

How Can We Overcome Our Negative Self-perception?

27 December, 2019

When we want to work on our self-assessment, we should answer the fundamental questions, “Who am I?” and “How do I feel about it?” Low self-esteem comes from long term negative perception of yourself. How can you reverse this thinking and stop being so hard on yourself? We assess ourselves poorly when someone touches and […]

Smooth and cheerful mornings with children? It’s possible!

28 October, 2019

Is there anything more stressful for parents and hated by children than the morning wake-up calls for school? Do you believe it is impossible that this part of the day can ever be calm and joyful for everyone? It’s time to fix some home habits and make the mornings really enjoyable! Check out our proven […]

Effortless rest- 9 ways to have a good sleep

29 August, 2019

Sleep disorders already affect every second inhabitant of our planet. The pace of life, stress and the pursuit of material goods are increasingly driving us into the trap of depression, insomnia and even to a nervous breakdown. Instead of providing us with a better mental state, our habits only exacerbate the malaise, leading to extreme […]

Sweet Sleep: Dealing With And Overcoming Sleep Disorders

28 August, 2019

Sleep. We often take it for granted, expecting that every night we’ll drift into sweet slumber. But for millions of people around the world, sleep is a challenge. Due to sleep disorders, they find themselves unable to sleep, or worse. But what exactly are sleep disorders? And what causes them? In this post, we’re going […]

Cortisol – beware of this hormone

01 July, 2019

When we start to stress, our body reacts as if we were fighting or running away. This condition is mainly determined by cortisol, called the “stress hormone”, an excess of which can damage our body and mind. Fight-or-flight The fight-or-flight response was well known to our ancestors. During hunting and gathering food, the human body […]

The facets of melatonin

19 June, 2019

Melatonin is responsible for our sleep, protects against many diseases and helps fight depression. However, although it has a number of beneficial features, it can be dangerous. Even so, it is readily available in every pharmacy, like the most common vitamin supplements. From the brain to the intestines Melatonin, also known as the “hormone of […]

Tired working mothers

16 May, 2019

Researchers are sounding the alarm – women should not go back to work soon after giving birth. Why? Intermittent and ineffective sleep, as well as the constant night vigil for the child, can cause the new mothers permanent fatigue and frustration. Such an unstable emotional state cannot possibly have a positive effect on job satisfaction […]

Naps are more important than you think!

10 April, 2019

The culture in which we live has made the line separating professional and private reality very fine and thin. Many of us end up working at home, think about it during weekends and holidays, and there is not much time left for a real physical and mental rest. A short break and specifically a short […]

Bruxism, or how the body relieves tension during sleep

29 March, 2019

In Europe, this affects up to 25 percent of the population, mostly young women and men, but it also occurs in children. Bruxism, or the unconscious clenching of the jaw muscles during sleep, happens above all to people living in constant tension and stress, causing a number of afflictions and dangers. What exactly is bruxism […]

Children gaining weight due to poor sleep. Is it possible?

09 June, 2018

How long should a child sleep? It is assumed that an adult person should sleep more or less 8 hours, but such standard is much too low in the case of children. According to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, children’s developing bodies will be rested only after sleeping – during the day (i.e. including […]

ADHD and child’s problems with sleeping

20 December, 2017 ,

Snoring in children with ADHD Snoring can be caused by swollen tonsils that constrict pulmonary airways. Snoring and problems with breathing contribute to sleepiness. This will surely have a negative effect on the child’s well-being as well as both mental and physical condition on the next day. This will result in impaired attention, slow thinking […]

Procrastination might be a sign of serious disorders

13 December, 2017

Procrastination and stress There are people for whom procrastination is a disturbance in life. Procrastination results in reduced social status as well as deterioration of their financial situation. Also, such persons are not able to change their behavioral schemes – putting things off for later. This is how the vicious circle of stress and procrastination […]

How to tell that you are not getting enough sleep?

27 October, 2017

Swollen eyelids, bloodshot eyes, dark circles around the eyes, tired complexion – reducing your nighttime rest is related to the reduction of the deep sleep phase. This means that the body has insufficient time to regenerate and properly manage the hormones it produces. Thus, the dark circles and bloodshot eyes, skin eczema and a gray, […]

Why do we need sleep? What happens while we sleep – hour after hour

08 October, 2017 , ,

11:00 pm – hour dedicated to biological regeneration While going to bed around 10:00 pm you can expect intensive biological regeneration effects even during the very first hour. This hour is definitely most suitable to ladies: the growth hormone comes to the forefront. It improves cell division eight-fold (compared to the level of the process […]


05 September, 2017 ,

What processes occur during sleep? A brain deprived of sound sleep resembles a neglected hotel. It cannot function at an optimal level, and it is the first step in creating many deficits in the body’s performance. Remember that our physical and mental wellbeing depends on the proper functioning of the brain and this requires sleep, […]

Let yourself relax

07 June, 2017

How to relax? Deep relaxation is possible with silent thoughts and lowering muscle tension. This is equivalent to getting rid of accumulated stress in the body. Purification of thought can be achieved by focusing on any object or activity of one’s own body, such as breathing. Controlling your breath or observing something in the environment, […]

How does a weighted blanket work?

25 May, 2017

Weighted blanket is particularly recommended for sensory integration disorders, developmental disorders (including ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Down’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, etc.), and neurotic disorders (e.g. Anxiety disorder, neurosis, depression, etc.). A weighted blanket and better control over body and emotions The weighted blanket is not a normal cover. Its weight and size are […]

Who can benefit from a weighted blanket?

24 May, 2017 ,

Weighted blanket and insomnia Weighted blankets can be used before falling asleep as well as during sleep. They help users to calm down and relax. Furthermore, they ensure better quality of sleep. This is their main task and they fulfill it perfectly – this is confirmed by numerous observations from both scientists and practitioners. There […]

The weighted blanket – a luxury of a healthy sleep

18 May, 2017

Who is the weighted blanket for? The sensory blanket is otherwise called a weighted blanket. The first name suggests a connection with the senses, the second one – with weight. It would be most appropriate to combine the two associations, because the blanket’s weight has an evenly distributed pressure, and thus affects the receptors (senses) […]

How to fall asleep and help a baby to fall asleep

17 May, 2017

What happens in the child’s body during sleeping? A child who sleeps well is easier to assimilate. It’s not just about schooling, it’s about basic learning like walking, memorizing gestures, speaking, or understanding images. Receptive knowledge is responsible for organizing and assimilating. Sleep spindles produced during NREM sleep phase, which is a phase in which […]