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Weighted toy (weighted pillow)– Dinosaur

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Where do dinosaurs live? Surely in the imagination of children. Weighted toy – Dinosaur evokes the images of those ancient giants anew. In addition, our Dinosaur has skin that is soft and pleasant to the touch. The child can cuddle it and, when the little one wants to play – toss it, roll around and train balance. Furthermore, Dinosaur can sit on the child’s lap – this improves concentration.

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Dinosaur – weighted toy and pillow

Dinosaur is an excellent sensory toy. It stimulates the child’s senses by placing high pressure as well as thanks to interesting and differentiated texture of fabrics and livid colors. At the same time, Dinosaur can also serve as a weighted pillow.

Weighted pillow stimulates the child’s proprioceptive system. Thus, it modulates the nervous system, helps calm down and improves the sense of alignment of one’s body. Furthermore, it makes movement much more coordinated.

Weighted blanket also provides perfect help for children who experience problems with attention. When placed on the child’s legs, it help the child learn how to write, read as well as use foreign languages.

How to use a weighted pillow?

The way the child plays or exercises with the weighted pillow is limited solely by either the child’s or parent’s imagination. Besides fun, the pillow also provides tranquility, relaxation and peace. What can be done in order to help the child calm down and focus? You can place the pillow on the child’s:

  • thighs,
  • forearms,
  • back.

Why is it worth buying sensory toys for the child?

Sensory toys stimulate the child’s sense of sight, hearing, touch, proprioception and encourage the child to move. Thanks to such toys, children become creative and thus enhance their positive emotions.



  • Weighted toy (weighted pillow)– Dinosaur entertains and helps children with self-organization, focus and calming down,
  • Dinosaur stimulates the sense of touch, proprioception and sense of sight,
  • It is made out of fabric that is pleasant to the touch (polar fleece),
  • The size of the pillow – Dinosaur 65cm x 35cm
  • Dinosaur can become part of the child’s collection of sensory toys, among Stork and Rex weighted collar.

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