Senso-Rex™ Weighted Blanket / Pony

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The weight should be about 10% of body weight

Choose the weight of the blanket Available

Weighted blanket with a classical motif of Pony in pastel colors constitute a charming and extremely functional element of your child’s bedroom.

The technique of using weight within the blankets for children who require therapies and support in the form of improved quality of sleep was developed in the United States. We strongly adhere to this technology while producing our blankets and use both hypoallergenic and natural materials – certified cotton and glass micro-beads. The appropriately distributed weight has a beneficial influence on the quality of sleep and provides the child with relaxing properties as well as reduces stimuli that might evoke hyperactivity. Weighted blankets serve well for children suffering from autism, sensory integration disorders, ADHD, Asperger syndrome and problems with sleep. The weight of the blanket is adjusted to the weight of the child and gently limits the little one’s mobility during the evening as well as provides a sense of self-body awareness. Therefore, the child is able to enjoy a long and deep sleep that, as a result, will contribute to the little one’s good mood throughout the next day.

Our weighted blankets include top-tier execution, utmost care for the details and full professionalism. We are perfectly aware how important it is to support therapies and activities aimed at improving the child’s quality of life. The charming and child-like patterns that stimulate the child’s imagination can be also found on pillows that might conveniently complement the bedding set.

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60×100 cm, 90×120 cm, 100×150 cm, 110×170 cm


1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg

How do you wash a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets can be washed in the washing machine at 30° C.

Please make sure that your washin machine can accommodate the weight and size of your weighted blanket.

PDF manual

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