Senso-Rex™ Gravity® Blanket Kids

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The weight should be about 10% of body weight

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Gravity® Blanket for kids

Handmade weighted blanket in premium quality- perfect as a therapeutical tool for developmental or sensory integration disorders. Our blankets are loved by people on the autism spectrum and can be used as a muscle relaxer for children with trisomy 21. Your child can be perfectly healthy and still enjoy all the benefits of a weighted blanket. Many parents share with us that the sleep of their child greatly improved since they use a heavy blanket.

Easy relaxation of the body and nervous system – A weighted blanket uses pressure to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. The child is able to feel its own body and starts to calm down. A calm body translates into a calm mind. As a parent, the only thing you need to do is to cover your child with a weighted blanket.

Modern medical product for everyday use – The positive influence of a weighted blanket on sleep and health has been scientifically proven and makes a weighted blanket a medical product. Many physiotherapists use weighted blankets in their daily practice.

No more sleepless nights – Our weighted blankets helped hundreds of families to establish a healthy day-night-rhythm. Everyone deserves a good night sleep.

Soft and cuddly cover in premium quality – The cover is made from 100% Nicki fabric and has a small square pattern on one side. Both sides of the blanket are super soft and feel good on the skin. It’s possible to wash the cover separately in a washing machine (40° degree). Please note that the cover has its own weight that varies from 0,5 to 1,0 kg and is part of the end weight of the product.

28 money back guarantee – We are convinced that our product will improve the sleep quality of your child. If not, you will get your money back.

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90×120 cm, 100×150 cm, 110×170 cm


3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg


Colour: Dark Grey, Colour: Poseidon Blue (Standard + Summer) Set, Colour: Poseidon Blue (Standard), Colour: Space Grey (Standard + Summer) Set, Colour: Space Grey (Standard)

How do you wash a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets can be washed in the washing machine at 30° C.

Please make sure that your washin machine can accommodate the weight and size of your weighted blanket.

PDF manual

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