Weighted headband

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The weight should be about 10% of body weight

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Our weighted headband can be used in many ways and address a range of health problems. It makes it easier to fall asleep, making it recommended for people struggling with sleep problems. Pleasant material feels wonderful on your skin and the gentle pressure helps calm down disturbing thoughts, which allows you to relax and enjoy a long, peaceful sleep.

People struggling with migraines or frequent, persistent throbbing headaches can greatly benefit from using it as well. Wearing it during the day allows you to reduce the level of pain in your head and may even support the treatment of persistent ailments.

The weighted headband can also improve the quality of our lives – it is recommended for people who work in noise or live in the center of large cities and are exposed to endless auditory stimuli. It allows you to calm down and take a break from excess stimuli.

Stimulation of proprioception in the area of ​​the skull has a therapeutic effect on our entire nervous system. It also allows our eyes to relax, and sight is undoubtedly an overused sense in today’s world. It is the perfect aid for all those of you, who spend most of their time in front of the computer screen.

Our weighted headband is a great quality product that can be used by women and men. It is made of high-quality fleece and velvet, which makes it extremely pleasant to the touch. The glass micro-bead filling of the band has a relaxing effect and creates a feeling of pleasant gentle pressure. The headband has many uses, you can wear it during the day, but you can also use it as a sleep aid.

Using of the headband has a calming effect. It creates a blissful sense of relaxation. It is a product recommended for people working under pressure, struggling with stress as well as for people working many hours in front of the computer screen.

One cannot forget about another advantage of this unique product – it is made of the best quality materials, sewn by hand, and therefore resulting in premium quality and additionally esthetically pleasing. Therefore it is not only a therapeutic aid, but also a lovely accessory.

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