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Functional pillow covered with green dinosaurs is the best choice for a child! View larger

The most hedgehog pillow for children on the market!

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Pastel
Gender Unisex
Weight 1 kg

Small and adorable hedgehogs that move amongst trees and mushrooms constitute the perfect motif for a pillow for children. Those lovely animals will take care over the child’s dreams and willingly help the little one fall asleep. Besides its esthetic values, the presented pillow also has two important traits: it is both functional and comfortable. Each parent knows that every child deserves comfort, especially after a tiresome day and intensive games. That is why we focus on the health of each and every child, including little ones with allergies, and make our pillows solely out of natural materials. This is confirmed by our OEKO-TEX 100 certified cotton and two types of available filling: silicone beads and down of bar-headed geese. The latter is perfect for providing children with peaceful and safe sleep due to the fact that the filling consists of a combination of down and plumage and comes from geese kept at an ecological farm. In order to allow you to adjust the pillow to the child’s bed or any other elements of the child’s room, we prepared the pillow available in three different sizes: 40x40cm, 50x60cm and 70x80cm.

The gentle, pastel colors combined with a regular motif will excellently calm down children who suffer from problems with falling asleep. A short story about hedgehogs that will guard the child throughout the night will surely help the little one fall asleep quickly and enjoy a deep sleep.

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