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Pillow that is perfect for little enthusiasts of logistics and transport! View larger

: Elephant-patterned pillow guarantees high quality of the child’s sleep!

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Compositions 100 % Cotton
Styles Casual
Gender Unisex
Weight 1 kg

Combination of a classical, nearly minimalistic pattern of stripes covered with small, adorable elephants holding umbrellas is a great idea for decorating the child’s bed. White and gray complemented with blue accents in the form of umbrellas comprise a peaceful combination that will allow the little one to fall asleep. Little elephants will guard the child against bad dreams and help avoid a rainy-day mood.

Cotton and high-quality filling guarantee comfort and lightness as well as high functionality of the pillow. Certified cotton that we use to make our pillows can be used by persons with allergies without any limits. Similarly to the filling - we leave the decision to the customers – there are two options available. The first one includes silicone beads. The second offer consists of an exclusive combination of down and plumage (50:50 proportion) of bar-headed geese. The geese are kept in optimal and ecological conditions. Thus, their plumage is a material of the top-tier quality that indicates thermal-insulation properties. Therefore, there is no surprise that children love to fall asleep on such a highly comfortable pillow. We are perfectly aware that our young customers need pillows of a specific type. Thus, we prepared three available sizes: 40x40cm, 50x60cm

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