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If you are looking for a weighted blanket and bedclothes that will give you the comfort of deep and uninterrupted sleep as well as become an ornamental element of your bedroom, this place is just the right one for you.

This unique weighted blanket will wrap you within its safe space and give solace to all your senses. It is precisely adjusted to your needs in terms of both size and weight as well as both used fabrics and filling materials – hypo-allergic, natural and airy. Furthermore, all materials have been recognized with appropriate certificates that confirm their top-tier quality. Therefore, your sleep becomes not only deep, but also 100% healthy.

Products from SENSO-REX™ brand are developed with utmost care for details. Nothing is left to chance and the duvet’s appearance is as important as its health properties. You bedroom is surely maintained in a specific style and you surely wish to underline the esthetic values of that space. Our designers, recognizing this need, develop proposals in accordance with the newest trends in design and stylistics applied for bedroom interiors. They search for fabrics of the best quality, unique patterns and beautiful colors.

Besides esthetic values, weighted blankets, pillows and bedclothes SENSO-REX™ also ought to comply with high requirements of people with sensory disorders. Such fabrics do not aggravate allergies, do not induce perspiration as well as are pleasant to the touch (or have a texture adjusted to user’s individual needs) and are extremely durable.

Furthermore, the longevity of SENSO-REX™products is a result of the manufacturing technology imported to Poland from the United States. Thanks to special processes, duvets, pillows and bedclothes include a refined, elegant look where each detail pleases the eye.

Upon purchasing the product, you can also select other additives to create an ideal and consistent composition e.g. a pillow, a small pillow or bedclothes. This is a significant esthetic value of our products. This way, the stylish and refined bedroom design shall not be disturbed with details not consistent with the rest of the furnishing (e.g. mismatched pillow).

Weighted blankets SENSO-REX™can be dry cleaned or washed manually. Drying ought to take place in horizontal position in order to prevent the duvet from deforming. Bedclothes can be washed manually or in a washing machine (in accordance with instructions from manufacturer for specific products).

NOTE: Weighted blankets are especially recommended to persons with psycho-physical and neurotic disorders including autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, sensory integration disorders, Restless Legs Syndrome, anxiety neurosis, obsessive-compulsive disorders and depression.

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