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Weighted blankets 

Weighted blankets for adults SENSO-REX™ help unwind, relax and fall asleep. They significantly improve the quality of sleep as well. The blanket enables you to sleep deeper and sounder and the sleep is not interrupted. After such rest, you go about your day much better than before.

Weighted blankets for adults SENSO-REX™ do treat, but they are also nice-looking. They are made of highest quality materials: anti-allergic fillings and natural and soft fabrics for blanket cover. Fine quality can be seen in detail finishing, high stitching aesthetics, perfect distribution of weight across the sensory blanket. Such effects are possible thanks to a special technology brought to Poland from the United States. At the same time, many years of experience allowed us to refine all elements so that the SENSO-REX™ products fulfill their function as good and as long as possible.

In addition to the perfect finishing, the SENSO-REX™ brand offers the most fashionable blanket looks. Fabrics used in SENSO-REX™ products have got beautiful, mellow colours and refined design. For the bedroom to look like a place perfect in all aspects, the blanket can be set with pillows and bed linen.

Weighted blankets are used mostly by people with neurosis, depression or psychophysical disorders, including autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, etc.

In such people proprioceptive receptors found in muscles, tendons and ligaments do not function normally. External stimuli are perceived too weak or too intense. Weight of the weighted blanket results in a better body arrangement, calming down and better focus and first and foremost tones up received stimuli (in hypersensitive people it dampens sensation and it allows hyposensitive people to properly feel their own body).

The structure of the blanket depends on the weight and height of a person using it. It should be heavier than the person by ca. 10% to 15% and exceed their height by ca. 20 cm.

The blanket weight limits auto-stimulation movements, calms down and allows the user to fall asleep quickly and soundly. It considerably reduces or outright eliminates interruptions in sleep. The blanket can be used by day as well – during a crisis or an afternoon nap. Most certainly, using the weighted blanket helps in therapy of disorders, but it also allows restoring the natural circadian rhythm: sleep during the night and activity during the day (people with sleep disturbances find it very difficult to achieve such balance).

Weighted blankets can be dry-cleaned or washed by hand. Washing machine is not recommended due to the heavy weight of the blanket. When drying, it should be spread horizontally on the dryer, not hung. This prevents the blanket from deforming.

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