How and why should you get up earlier? Here are 5 reasons!

27 April, 2020 / Mateusz

Mornings can be challenging; activities are performed in a hurry, stress, no time for breakfast or a moment for contemplation. Sounds familiar? Maybe it’s time to change your habits and start drawing energy for the whole day in the mornings. It is actually possible to start the day with a relaxing hot coffee accompanied by music and newspapers! Here are 7 reasons that should convince you to do so.

1. You will gain more time

This is an argument that will appeal primarily to parents, workers, students, actually, if you think about it, almost everyone. Waking up half an hour or an hour (the ideal scenario) earlier will give you 30 additional hours in the month, just for yourself. We recommend that you use this time for your own pleasure, not additional duties (ironing, cleaning, etc.). Hot coffee, delicious breakfast, favourite newspaper or relaxing with music – it sounds like a script from a movie, and all you have to do is set your alarm clock!

2. You will become happier

Scientists state that “early risers” are more optimistic, positive and experience greater satisfaction in life. One study in Finland shows that people who prefer evening hours for their daily activities are more prone to depression. Of course, if you’ve always got up at 10 am, and now you set the alarm for 6 am, you are unlikely to wake up with a smile on your face, so we advise you to approach the matter with common sense. However, we guarantee that after 3-4 weeks from the “alarm metamorphosis” you will appreciate the new rhythm of the day and you’ll be used to it.

3. You will have more control over your day

6:45 … snooze; 6:48 … snooze; 6:55 … finally … 7:00 – we get up with tears in our eyes asking ourselves, “what has gone wrong in my life?!” We have 30 minutes to prepare ourselves, the children, take the dog out, breakfast (only in the “luxury” option) and close the door behind us. Then we feel tightness in the stomach resulting from a mixture of hunger, stress and swirling thoughts about the next responsibilities that await us. By no means is this a recipe for life harmony; it’s more like an excerpt from the article “5 ways to ulcers and neurosis.” It’s definitely not ideal. If you start waking up earlier, you won’t be in a rush. You will have time to plan your day calmly – it is a soothing feeling. It’s important to stick to this goal.

4. You will be smarter

Research conducted at the University of Texas reveals that the specialists have found that students who woke up earlier obtained a much higher average grade compared to those who prefer nightlife and study. It has also been shown that ‘night owls’ party more, drink more alcohol and eventually get up later. This lifestyle does not have a positive effect on the regeneration of brain cells. In addition, people getting up earlier have more time to organize the schedule of the day and be mentally prepared for it.

5. You will improve your form and condition

Getting up early is not like waving a magic wand, but if you devote this extra time to exercise, you will definitely feel better. Training in the morning has a beneficial effect on your metabolism, so you’ll be able to eat more without regrets, and increase your energy and productivity. This oxygenation of the brain is really beneficial. Scientists also suggest that the best time to start is 7 am. By exercising every day at this time, we are more likely to have a peaceful and deep sleep at night, and also reduce pressure during the day.