Code of conduct for a hyperactive child

18 November, 2019

Although every child needs love and attention, children with psychomotor disorders need them even more. Their behaviour, tiring to everyone around them, causes serious problems and unpleasantness, especially to themselves. Given the ever-growing number of children with this type of disorder, it’s worth knowing how to deal with them to show as much understanding and […]

ADHD and child’s problems with sleeping

20 December, 2017 ,

Snoring in children with ADHD Snoring can be caused by swollen tonsils that constrict pulmonary airways. Snoring and problems with breathing contribute to sleepiness. This will surely have a negative effect on the child’s well-being as well as both mental and physical condition on the next day. This will result in impaired attention, slow thinking […]

Procrastination might be a sign of serious disorders

13 December, 2017

Procrastination and stress There are people for whom procrastination is a disturbance in life. Procrastination results in reduced social status as well as deterioration of their financial situation. Also, such persons are not able to change their behavioral schemes – putting things off for later. This is how the vicious circle of stress and procrastination […]

Exercises for adults with ADHD

13 December, 2017

Exercise is good for the brain During their adult life, persons with ADHD disorders often struggle with a lack of concentration, slower thinking, forgetfulness, distraction, impulsiveness. These features tend to be devastating for both relationships with their loved ones and for their professional careers. Furthermore, all are linked to the most important organ of the […]

ADHD disorders – symptoms in children and adults

13 December, 2017

Symptoms of ADHD in children ADHD disorder can manifest itself in three areas: attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Attention disorders make the child: easily distracted, experience problems with performing difficult, long and monotonous tasks, and often do not finish them, experience difficulty in focusing on one thing, commit errors due to being distracted, experience difficulty […]

Work – how to be effective despite ADHD

24 October, 2017

Dreamers and perfectionists Nobody is perfect. Therefore, there are no perfect employees. Many practitioners underline that one of the most significant elements of a successful professional career is adjusting one’s occupation to personal potential (competences, qualifications, predispositions, personality etc). Theory indicates three types of ADHD : predominantly hyperactive-impulsive (most common amongst men), predominantly inattentive (most […]

ADHD and stress

10 October, 2017

Even when we omit the aforementioned chain of actions and reactions and assume that a person with ADHD experiences nothing but sympathy from the environment, we must consider that stress would accumulate in such a person anyways. Why? Because the limitations caused by ADHD make the afflicted person experience a feeling of loss of control […]